Instagram Roundup

Bluebells are my new favourite spring flower to photograph.  And now I'm spotting them EVERYWHERE. My little Ruby AKA The Fluff Monster.  She is happiest when we're in bed and she can sit on us and stare. Sometimes the husband comes home with a beautiful bunch of flowers and these lilies did not disappoint.  They fragranced … Continue reading Instagram Roundup

The Weekly

We had such a fun and restful Easter weekend although now it feels like such a long time ago already. We spent some time organizing and cleaning our home as well as some celebrating and rest. I also finished my current book and I’m now on the lookout for a new one. I read the … Continue reading The Weekly

Wonderful Wednesday #9

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  If you're in the UK I hope you had an amazing 4 day weekend.  I did much celebrating with the husband and friends but we also got a lot of rest in too.  The perfect balance in fact!  Now on to the merriment. Baby Olivia I got to meet my … Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday #9

Living Well: Food & habits

One of my favourite past times is going out to eat. It really is my favourite thing to do! Either with friends, the husband or with family – I really look forward to trying delicious food. I love it when celebrations are focused around a meal and I love the atmosphere of dining out. Even … Continue reading Living Well: Food & habits

The Weekly

Hello friends! Lately I have had a to-do list as long as my arm but thankfully I’ve managed to tick most of it off this week. The most exciting tasks being booking flights to New York for a long weekend to visit my friend (insert excited face!) in the summer, buying my mum her 70th … Continue reading The Weekly

Wonderful Wednesday #8

Hello friends!  It's that time again....another wonderful Wednesday post 🙂  These are the things I've been happy about this past week. Oh natural hair I have straightened my poor mop for many many years now but recently I have decided to let its curly craziness shine through! I have naturally soft fine curly hair and … Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday #8

Captured: Lessness Abbey

On Sunday the father-in-law and I got up early and headed out with the camera's and we headed to Lessness Abbey.  We'd both been there many many years ago but we didn't realise quite what a beautiful place it is.  There were blossom tree's and wild flowers covering the ground.  It felt like a peaceful magical … Continue reading Captured: Lessness Abbey

Living Well Series – Making A Plan

This is a new series all about health.  I have made the decision to change the ways in which I take care of myself.  Regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle have been on my mind a lot lately and it's about time I began to work towards these goals. I've never really cared much about … Continue reading Living Well Series – Making A Plan

The Weekly

This week has been about catching up with work, family and friendships.  At the weekend we enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends and an evening of heart to hearts.  I think we all needed it and it made me feel thankful for some of the people in our lives. Work at my 9-5 has finally … Continue reading The Weekly

Wardrobe Transition

The one issue I have found with curating my wardrobe is that it hasn't left me with many clothes.  Anyone else found this to be an issue?  It did however highlight how much I was holding on to that was not serving me and what items I was clearly missing. All of my basic items … Continue reading Wardrobe Transition