Goals 2017


I know the blogging world is awash with new years resolutions and goals but I thoroughly enjoy reading other peoples so I hope you find mine of interest too!

I have daily goals of showing more patience and love with loved ones and to make sure I don’t go too long without seeing my niece’s and nephews.  I also aim to live more intentionally each day and create a daily gratitude journal.

Quantifiably I want to:

  • Continue to curate wardrobe and only add high quality well thought out pieces
  • Regularly review household items and only buy what we need (i.e. shampoo, food items etc.)
  • Use up products completely before purchasing replacements
  • Take my camera out every weekend and practice functionalities
  • Complete the #365project on Instagram (if you haven’t heard of it it’s basically a challenge to post one photo a day for a whole year – follow mine on http://www.instagram.com/reynolds_made )
  • Complete my photography course by July 2017 and begin to build a portfolio of work

So those are mine – what are yours?

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