The Benefits of Keeping a Wish List


I truly believe that keeping a wish list of items I want to either try (new face moisturiser) or buy to replace items that become redundant (old shoes) have been keeping my purchases in check.

Wish lists for one are fun to write.  It’s like playing the ‘if I had £X amount of money I would buy’ game.  But more importantly they delay the instant gratification of impulse purchases and instead give me the time to really think about what I plan to spend my money on.

There have been many instances I’ve come across a dress or make up item that I thought I could not possibly live without, put it on my wish list and then two week’s later decided actually it’s not quite my style, and oh god would I even really wear it? What was I thinking!?

It has also made me realise how many impulse purchases I have not made and how much money I’ve saved in the process.

Of course I do actually buy items from my wish list.  BUT they are only ever to replace something I’ve used up, has fallen apart and needs replacing or they are bought as a gift to someone else.

My wish list has 3 columns

  1. Type.  What type of purchase is it – face cream, shoes, mascara etc. I find this helps me see if I have too many items under the same category.
  2. What. What I want to actually purchase to replace previous item i.e the product name if I have something specific in mind.
  3. When. What am I replacing? Most of the time this is when a product runs out or if its something more practical like shoes it might say end of the month to give me time to contemplate the pro’s and con’s of the item.

Example:  Face Cream / Neutrogena Deep Moisture Comfort Balm / When my Clinique face cream runs out.

Simple really.  If you have trouble resisting urges with your spending I’d highly recommend this approach.  It has made me much more intentional with my purchases.



8 thoughts on “The Benefits of Keeping a Wish List

  1. Erin says:

    I was just thinking this exact same thing the other day! I feel like my wish list acknowledges that an item is something I want without the (possible) buyer’s remorse. More often than not the item ends up getting deleted from my list!


    • reynoldsmade says:

      Exactly and I think a wish list usually contains items that are wants rather than necessities. If its a necessity you’ll buy it right away but a want should require a bit more thought 🙂 I could survive without a separate moisturiser for my face but I don’t want to! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophie // tomorrow at dawn says:

    I loved this post! Very inspiring as well =)
    I also do keep a wishlist, I like to keep one for the entire year. It’s a great tool for me because I’m always removing items that I thought I needed but I found out that I didn’t.
    Really like your blog ! =)

    Best, Sophie.


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