What’s in my bag


urse – I try to keep my purse free of receipts and other non essential items. My purse houses just my bank cards, driving license and cash. I do not carry around any store loyalty cards on a daily basis (although I have them)  as any purchases from these stores are planned therefore I’ll take the cards with me as and when I actually intend to use them.

Diary/Planner – My diary/planner is set to an academic year (as I work in education) and I use it for personal and work related dates and task lists.  It’s a week per view diary with a section for notes on each set of pages.

Mobile Phone – Daily essential and my bag has a designated pocket for this.

Keys – Sometimes I sound like a jailor when I move around.  I have so many keys!  I have keys for my home, my mums, my in-laws, work and desk drawers.  I’ve had this Cath Kidston key ring for over 8 years and it holds sentimental value.

Beauty items – Include a pocket mirror, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in 2.0 and a Fresh Sugar tinted lip balm in shade Berry.

This is all that I carry in my bag on a daily basis. I could easily get away with a much smaller bag but it’s useful to have room for extra’s I may need to buy when I’m out and about and save the 5p for a carrier bag or for taking lunch into work.

I don’t feel the need to carry more than this. I’m not one to take lots of make-up with me wherever I go.  I like my bag to feel light and have room to spare.

I used to carry a shoulder bag but since I bought this back pack I doubt I’ll go back to one. I can sling this on and have two free hands which is great if I’m taking my camera out with me and it just feels more comfortable.

What are your daily essentials?


2 thoughts on “What’s in my bag

  1. Ditch The Stuff says:

    This is perfect! I was thinking about doing a post about what’s in my purse too. So funny to see you had the same thought. I was so over digging for my keys. I downsized and now only carry exactly what I need.


    • reynoldsmade says:

      I can’t be dealing with lugging stuff around I don’t really need just in case I do… 🙂 I thought this might be a really boring post for people to read as I don’t have much to show but I find it interesting to see what peoples essentials are. Looking forward to seeing yours! 🙂


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