Items to Get Rid Of Now


  • Numerous nail varnishes – How many do you actually wear???  I had a collection of over 30 nail varnishes.  Some were years old and some I bought as they were in a deal of 3 for 2.  I realised I only wore about 4 of them regularly so those are the ones I kept.  I gave the rest away to family & friends.
  • Magazines – I used to spend so much money on these and because I did I always felt bad about throwing them away (in the recycling of course…) so I would keep them for months and months but never read them again.  I don’t buy them anymore.  I did however receive a years subscription to National Geographic as a gift but once I have read them I now give them to someone else to enjoy.
  • Mementos – Are you going to read that programme from that show you went to again? Are you really going to make use of that trinket you bought in the gift shop on that holiday?  Do you need another novelty mug?  Keep the memories and take the photo’s of special trips and occasions and stop filling your house with useless crap.
  • Paper work – Granted there are some important documents you need to keep in paper form (originals like a driving license or marriage certificate) but what you don’t need are numerous bill’s, bank statements and policies in paper form.  Scan them, shred them and forget about them until you need them.
  • Multiples of anything – How many spatula’s do you use at once? How many knifes do you need to cook one meal? How many plain white t-shirts can you wear in a day?  You don’t need multiples of the same item.  You only need one or two quality items of anything.  The rest just take up unnecessary storage space.
  • Notebooks – I used to be a stationery addict.  I could not resist buying beautiful notebooks, pens and sticker sets.  I only need a few notebooks and honestly I can’t remember ever filling one completely.  I gave what I had away and now stick to one for goals, lists & post idea’s and one for work.
  • Shoe’s that hurt your feet – If they still rub or feel too tight after you’ve been trying to wear them in for the last month they’re never going to feel comfortable. Get rid of them or give them to someone else.
  • Book’s you’ve already read – Unless you’re definitely going to read it again or use it as a reference book it’s just taking up space.
  • Items for old electronics – Will you ever need that spare battery for the camera you no longer own?  Or that battery charger?  Or the phone charger for an old phone you no longer own.  No didn’t think so.
  • Clothes that don’t fit – Same as the shoe’s above.  Don’t wait for it to fit – it won’t.  If it doesn’t fit now you don’t need it. Give it to someone who needs it more.


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