Photography Course Update 1


Last Monday I attended the first lesson of my photography course.

It runs from the 9th of January until the 10th July on a Monday evening for 3 hours per night.

I ended up going straight from work which I’m not sure I’ll do in future. It makes it a really long day.  I was pretty tired Tuesday at work but maybe I just need to get into the swing of things.

The first lesson consisted of a course overview and the approach we’ll be taking in order for us to complete the project for assessment.

There are 13 people in the class and we all have different makes, models and ages of camera’s.  I’m not sure I’m going to receive much one on one tuition like I had hoped for.  When I signed up there were only 5 of us!

Anyway the teacher seems great and so do the other students.  We learnt some of the history of photography and a little about batteries and memory cards.

I’m excited to get stuck into the nitty gritty and learn all I can about my camera.  If anyone is interested its the Canon 1300D (link below).  Its a great value for money DSLR to get started on.  I also received a tripod, x 2 spare batteries & a spare memory card as gifts at Christmas.

As soon as I start learning some stuff I’ll share it all with you so you can benefit too! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Photography Course Update 1

  1. Rob @minimaldrobe says:

    Thanks for the like on minimaldrobe. I’m considering getting a decent camera too – I had the bog standard digital compact type camera everyone had for years, but never really used it. Now I’m blogging I’m finding it really irritating that the picture quality is restricted.

    Good luck on your course!


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