Stuff I don’t buy anymore


If you’re trying to save money OR reduce what you bring into your home you may like this list.  These are the items I no longer buy and my bank balance is happier for it.

  • Eye cream or any cream that promises to fix any of the things on my face the world’s media deems to be unattractive on women – None do what they promise anyway.
  • Lunch out on working days at the office – I used to spend so much money on food but now I prepare a lunch at home and bring it in.
  • Fashion magazines – I have no interest in celebrity gossip or pages and pages of advertisements of things I don’t need or can ill afford.
  • Handbags – My collection almost tipped the 30 mark last year (why did I ever think I needed that many options!?) and now I have 4 that I use regularly.
  • The latest miracle working face wash or treatment – I found a good face mask, face wash, make-up remover & face cream. That’s all I need. I do not need a magical serum to shrink my pores.  They are perfectly fine the size they are and if you don’t like them don’t stare at my face close up, thank you.
  • Books – I used to take full advantage of the one click purchase on Amazon, read the book and then give it away or worst store it away never to be touched again. Now I borrow from friends or use a library.
  • Take out coffee – I don’t need to travel far on a daily basis as all our family & friends live close by and we both live 10mins from our offices. There is no reason I can’t wait until I get to work to make a free coffee in the staff room.
  • Shaving gel – hair conditioner works just as well!
  • Manicures/Pedicures – Really not worth the money. I don’t like to pay someone to do something I’m perfectly capable of doing myself.
  • Plastic bags – Bad for the environment and on average 5p a go. I ensure I have room in my backpack for smaller items and we take a few Ikea bags with us when we do large food shops. As anything I buy now is planned and intentional I always have something to carry items home in.
  • Plastic wrap – we use containers to store leftovers and lunchboxes for work lunches.
  • Seasonal décor – We have our Christmas decorations and they are stored well every year. We don’t need to add to what we already have.

Are there any things you no longer spend money on or refuse to clutter up your home with?

26 thoughts on “Stuff I don’t buy anymore

  1. Rachel Hayashi Aki says:

    Agree on the beauty cream/serum/whatever! They don’t do anything and it cost so much! Many people don’t realize the key is what you put into your body. Eat and live well, then we don’t need any of those over-priced cream.

    Great list girl. Keep it coming!

    I’ve listed mine too at my blog
    Hoping to expand my list and your list has helped me! Thanks!


  2. Julia B. Hebner says:

    Good thinking!And what have I quit buying? I gave up buying paper towels years ago. We keep an easy access box of rags in the kitchen, handy for spills, scrubbing, etc. This works great for us.


  3. Geen Geenie says:

    I actually do quite a few of these already (conditioner as shaving gel -check), but I am guilty of buying lunch on workdays and takeout coffee- sometimes its a necessary pick-me-up, and that’s ok 😉


  4. Gina says:

    Great list! A lot of these we already do, but the plastic wrap is one to think about. I always considered it a kitchen staple, for covering bowls of things, but now that I ponder… why not just use a big container with a lid… I’m trying to think what I NEED plastic wrap for and besides fruit fly traps in the summer, I’m drawing a blank! Perhaps once this roll runs out, we’ll give that a go. 🙂

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  5. Mackenzie @organicbutterflyblog says:

    I don’t purchase magazines anymore either. The articles are usually few and far between and everything that is advertised, is expensive or some product that no one in their right mind, would pay for 😦

    Really love your blog by the way! Lovely posts 🙂


  6. emilyfelt says:

    I totally agree that we can get by on so much less. I don’t buy any fancy hair products anymore, just bulk sized shampoo and conditioner and it lasts my family of four six months.


  7. The Enchanted Outlook says:

    I love this list! I do buy the occasional book and use occasional plastic bags for dog poo, but otherwise it’s spot on for my life as well. I recently got a subscription to a company that sends me one reusable product a month, so I’m slowly phasing out stuff like plastic wrap and cutting down on paper towels and things. Baby steps.


      • The Enchanted Outlook says:

        It’s called mighty nest; I get the $10/month box. So far I’ve gotten wool dryer balls, reusable cleaning cloths, beeswax cling wrap, stainless steel straws, and a Pyrex style glass Tupperware container. Some have been more useful than others (don’t know that I will use the straws much) but it’s supposed to be about making small easy changes.

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  8. jessicaconstable says:

    Love! Agree on all points. I’ve also not bought wrapping paper in a long time. I can reuse the scraps, bags and tissue paper I already have (yes I do have a store of this but it’s small and depleting!). The one thing I do buy is plain brown wrap-perfect for when I sell things on ebay and usable for every gifting opportunity.
    PS I did the house back to tidy thing before bed last night and it really was better to wake up to, thanks for the tip!


    • reynoldsmade says:

      I love gifts wrapped in brown paper I think it looks really chic & a little nostalgic 🙂 Oh brilliant! I’m so pleased it worked and you had a more enjoyable morning! Keep it up and it will become a habit xx

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  9. happylittlehousewife says:

    I now use kindle unlimited and was gifted a kindle for Christmas, I now carry 10 books with me at a time and can read anywhere and everywhere 😉 it’s certainly helped me more easily decluttering my bookshelf. And creams I totally agree! I found a lovely spf 30 face cream and wear that daily. Love it. What I don’t buy anymore – fabric. I’m a sewer and LOVEEEEEE pretty fabric. This year I aim to either a. Sew it up or b. Sell it. I refuse to buy new fabric “just because” until I’ve used what I have, so have started to arrange this years collections around what I have.

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    • reynoldsmade says:

      I really need a Kindle! It will have to go on an xmas/birthday wish list I think. That’s great it’s best to use what you have already before replacing it. You may not like the fabric as much by the time you get to use it in the future. Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂

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