Minimalism is not external, but internal


Many blogs, and I include my own, focus on external clutter in our lives. Most people begin their journey into minimalism by decluttering their homes and wardrobes. Whilst this is one of the best places to start it is not where the journey should end.

Once you have spent the time clearing the clutter and working on your shopping and purchasing habits it’s time to address any emotional or deep rooted issues you may have so that you can really improve your life and your relationships with others.

Practicing minimalism and living a clutter free life gives us the freedom and time to do this. And that’s what minimalism means to me. To live a more simple life so I have time to do what I really want with my time and work on what’s important.

Recently I have been feeling calmer and centered.  I believe this is due to practicing minimalism and learning more about it on a daily basis.  I have had the energy and focus for the goals and personal development I have set for this year which I’m sure is contributing to my happiness right now.

I’ve found the benefits also include:

  • Less debt
  • More savings
  • A home that’s quicker & easier to clean
  • More focus on hobbies
  • More focus on personal development
  • More happiness
  • Less stress
  • More productivity
  • Freedom from the comparison game
  • More opportunity for rest

Removing the clutter is not the end result of minimalism. It is just the beginning.

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