Morning Routine


I used to be terrible at waking up in the mornings. I would press snooze a half dozen times and I would always welcome an extra 5 minutes in bed before having to get up for work. Because of this I used to dread my mornings.

I also used to be a very bad sleeper. I used to find it hard to drop off to sleep most nights and there were many occasions where I would still be wide awake at 5am.

To combat all of these problems I decided to simply get up earlier and at the same time every day. I also realised I needed to build a morning routine that I could look forward to each night and as such have a slower morning.

  • 6.30am – Wake up, make breakfast & sit in silence whilst I eat it
  • 7am – 7.45am Time for coffee and some reading
  • 7.45am – Tidy away breakfast things, load dish washer, tidy living room
  • 8am – Shower & get ready for work
  • 8.30am – Make bed and check house is secure
  • 8:40am Leave for work

Obviously my weekend looks a little different. I still get up at roughly the same time but maybe have an extra hour or so but no more. If I lay in at the weekends then the next week is ruined for my sleep patterns.

As you can see I could have an extra hour and a half of sleep and rush out the house instead but that just leaves me anxious, stressed and unhappy. When my alarm goes off I get up straight away as I’m looking forward to breakfast, coffee and some time reading before my day really has to start.

What does your morning routine look like?

16 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. happylittlehousewife says:

    When the kids are in school I start my day at 5am. It’s the only way I get to have a quiet coffee and a bit of me time before the day starts running! It’s truly the only way to have a peaceful start to the morning. I resisted for AGES!!!! I am generally NOT a morning person. First day back at school for the kids today, could NOT get back to sleep last night, but 5am rolled around and I hopped out of bed – a happy, calm start to everyone’s morning happened! Best decision EVER!

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  2. jessicaconstable says:

    This sounds great! I work from home so was having trouble setting a routine for myself. Last week I decided to wake up with my boyfriend at 7 then half 30 minutes for meditation/journaling before breakfast. I read a personal development book while I eat. Like this I should be able to get up dressed and ready to start ‘work’ at 9, even if I don’t strictly have to 😊


    • reynoldsmade says:

      Oh I envy the working from home! 🙂 I’m sure your morning routine make’s you more productive. I don’t know about you but it takes me a long time to wake up fully so I find the slower longer mornings are helping so much. What book are you reading? 🙂

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      • jessicaconstable says:

        I’m reading Brene Brown’s Rising Strong at the moment, for inspiration on how to keep going when things get tough, and Stef Penney’s Under a Pole Star before bed for relaxation. Both really good so far, although I regret starting with this Brene Brown book as I think it’s best to read her 3 in order. But I’ll get round to the others! Do you like reading? Keep up the great work with your blog, I love it! 😊


      • jessicaconstable says:

        I know what you mean-bookshelves can get overwhelming! I’ve started just relying on my local library plus what I already have. The library have a great online search and reserve function which is great for tracking down those recommendations 😊


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