Building a Minimal Wardrobe – Update 1

After purging about 80% of my clothes, shoes and bags my next step was analysing what I had left. I’m still doing the reverse hanger trick and I can see the culprits still taking up unnecessary room in my wardrobe.  I have a feeling their days are numbered at the end of this week as it will be a whole month since I started the process.

My wardrobe ideally should be made up of 70% work attire and 30% weekend & occasion wear.  I work in an office 5 days of the week and spend most weekends with family/friends or going for walks. I have my work wardrobe down; I have 5 work dresses and a couple of blouses I can wear with one of my two skirts or black skinny jeans.

Weekends are where I’m coming a little unstuck.  I don’t own very warm clothing and if you live in the south east of England you’ll know it’s bloody freezing right now! Last year saw cold weather up until May.  I definitely need to invest in some jumpers and shirts to wear under them for extra layering.  I want to stick to my colour scheme of black/white/grey/green and buy in a size up so they’re comfortable and again I can layer.

I’ve had a few items on my wish list for a while now but I don’t have the budget this month to buy everything I need to get so I picked 3 items I needed the most – x 2 jumpers and a white shirt.

I’m still loving having less to pick from in my wardrobe.  I have been purging slowly but surely and now I’ve arrived at the point of curating new items I need to replace the old tatty stuff.  How have I survived the last few years without jumpers and warm clothes I’m not sure.

I’m also not sure yet what amount of clothing I’m going to be happy with.  I think I’m going to continue to review my clothes monthly and keep taking out what I’m not wearing.  A work in progress still!

Are you in the process of building a minimal wardrobe?  How are getting on with it?  Are you aiming for a set number of items?



8 thoughts on “Building a Minimal Wardrobe – Update 1

  1. mossandmabel says:

    Love this post! Dressing for work is so easy now, I have just enough clothes to wear something different each day, look presentable and be comfortable. My weekend wear has diminished considerably, as I really don’t need tonnes of clothes for those two days off. I’m not aiming at a particular number, but want to feel comfortable, confident and use everything I own. As I also live in England I have to own more jumpers than anything!


  2. Melissa says:

    We are moving into a Tiny House, and I’ve thought about doing a Minimalist wardrobe challenge. Moving from Texas to Colorado is going to be a huge temperature change, so I will need to invest in warm clothing too!

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  3. happylittlehousewife says:

    I’m certainly continually removing items. I feel it’s time to let some more items go (like those stupid shorts that now keep falling down). My “guilt” (it’s not the right word, but best describes it) is that I bought a whole new wardrobe basically about 6-12 months ago, and since then, I’ve lost 5kg (with more to go) so now a lot of that new wardrobe no longer fits me right haha I like the idea of the 33 items wardrobe, but I don’t particularly like limiting myself to that extent. So maybe not a number of items, but certainly less.


    • reynoldsmade says:

      Wow congrats on the 5kg weight loss! Changing bodies whether through weight loss or pregnancy must cause a issue when trying to downsize your clothes. You could try going to a seamstress and have the clothes made smaller? Might work out cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe? No I’ve never been tempted by the 33 items wardrobe either it does seem quite restrictive – I don’t like putting a number on it as I think we all live different lives and have different needs.

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