The Best Money Saving Tip


I used to be so terrible with money.

I used my credit card like a second bank account and I spent money like more of it was guaranteed in the future.  We all know these are bad idea’s yet so many of us live like it.

After I discovered minimalism my spending habits changed automatically.  I didn’t set myself rules or try and change my spending habits forcefully – the changes just took place of their own accord.

So my best money saving tip for you is simply become minimalist – research it, watch the documentaries, read the blogs and live the lifestyle.  There are so many benefits but one I never foresaw was much more money in the bank which to me equals more freedom in the future.

Want less – Spend less.

Other tips:

  • Set a budget every month – FOR EVERYTHING
  • Track your daily spending
  • Set up an automatic transfer of money into your savings account
  • Set yourself financial goals to stay motivated
  • Set up all standing order’s and direct debits for a few days after pay day
  • Use websites like for the cheapest deals on utilities/insurance/mortgages/loans.
  • Cut up your credit card & stop adding to your debts
  • Live within your means
  • Look after what you already own – if possible repair or fix items before replacing them
  • Sign up on – people give stuff away for free



6 thoughts on “The Best Money Saving Tip

  1. onyxnatasha says:

    I completely agree with living within your means. I also believe in the traditional saying, waste not want not. Repairing and fixing your own things before they fall into disrepair saves so many dollars!


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