There is no perfect Minimalist


Minimalism is not about perfection and there are no hard set rules to follow.

There are no set number of items of clothing you should own.

If you own over 50, 100 or 200 items of clothes this does not mean you are not a ‘real minimalist’. What’s a REAL minimalist anyway? Are they handing out Doctorates or certificates somewhere?

Minimalism is a journey without a final destination. It is a way of living your life differently – with intention, with only what you need or what brings you true joy. Only you will know what you need to live a content life and not one of excess.

If you are currently going through a de-clutter take your time! Don’t just throw everything out in a mad attempt to clear as much space as possible. Start slow and intentionally. You get to decide what living more minimally means to you.

If the minimalist lifestyle appeals to you, do it your way.

9 thoughts on “There is no perfect Minimalist

  1. tiny home in the city says:

    Thank you for this! I agree 100%. “If the minimalist lifestyle appeals to you, do it your way.” This sentence sums it up so perfectly. I don’t need anyone telling me how I should or shouldn’t be a minimalist. I don’t need a set of rules. I hate rules! Lol! Great post. Keep ’em coming!


  2. mama in the country says:

    This post just hit home! I’ve been struggling with this minimalist journey as I hit a slump but you just reminded me that it’s a way of life, not a one time thing! Thank you – perfect read for my morning motivation!

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    • reynoldsmade says:

      I’ve experienced a bit of a slump myself and felt a little stuck. Then I realised it’s a way of life and there is always room for manoeuvre and more to learn. Glad you found it motivating! 🙂


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