The Power of Silence


Silence has the power to slow the mind down. Practising silence and stillness can free you from painful thoughts. It can help you hear yourself and what you really need.

Noise, technology and materialism continue to try to exert their hold on us. It is hard to silence the bombardment of advertising and the media. From the TV to radio and social media we are always available to take in the information and noise from others.

When I changed up my morning routine and decided to sit in silence whilst I ate my breakfast I realised how well it set me up for the rest of the day. I used to check social media the minute I got up and I always put the TV on for some back ground noise. I used to feel like I had to fill the silence.

But when we embrace it we turn our focus inwards and we gain the power to refuel our minds. We start to see ourselves and the world how it really is. We can fully connect to the present time.

Instead of resisting or fearing your thoughts during this time simply be aware of them. In silence we can become aware of the fact that we can control our thoughts and we have the freedom and power to choose the type of thoughts we have.

I’ve started to drive home from work without the radio or music playing. I listen to music all day at work so for the 20 minute drive home I like it to be silent. All I can hear is my own breathing and the muffled sounds of the roads outside. It is a way to decompress and forget the work day before I get home.

I urge you to find even just 10 minutes in your day where you can sit in silence if you don’t already. Whether it be first thing in the morning or last thing at night I have found the benefits to be amazing.

Activities to try to embrace the power of silence:

  • Driving to and from work without the radio on
  • No TV in the back ground if you are not intentionally watching something
  • Turn off notifications on your phone
  • Eat in silence
  • Drink your morning coffee in silence.
  • Write in your journal before bed in silence.
  • Read a book instead of watching TV
  • Go for walk’s in nature without your iPod
  • Simply sit in silence by a window and take in the world outside

13 thoughts on “The Power of Silence

  1. devisecreateconcoct says:

    This is so important. We live in a society full of constant stimulation. I noticed that I was starting to get forgetful with all of this stimuli shouting at me everyday. I think my brain was revolting against it. Lol. Since I’ve taken some similar steps as what you’ve noted above, I’ve noticed a huge difference.


  2. anyfidelity says:

    This is good advice. Silence is great indeed. I think appreciating silence allows one to appreciate the sounds that matter even more. Once during a solo multi-day trek in the mountains I sat on the edge of a cliff watching the sunset and clouds envelop a peak nearby, and I suddenly realized that it was so quiet (not even the whisper of a breeze) that I could discern my own heartbeat. It was quite a sensation being surrounded by stunning natural scenery and being so far away from urban noise.

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    • jamason123 says:

      Haha! I have one that is very active, thus i have a little noice machine 😝.

      For me silence really has nothing to do with external noise, but it is nice when both external and internal silence can coincide There are a times, for me, when there is little to no external noise but still no silence.

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  3. Ditch The Stuff says:

    Before I started pursuing a more simple life I always had the TV on for “noise” in the background. It was comforting at the time. Now, silence is a far better comfort. Your first tip about driving in silence is so great! I started doing this last month to take a few moments to list what I am grateful for. It has made all of the difference in how I start my mornings.

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    • reynoldsmade says:

      I used to be scared of silence and the TV in the back ground was a comfort too. Even better spending that time writing a gratitude list – I’m sure it focuses your mind on all the positive stuff in your day 🙂


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