7 Ways to Comfort Yourself


Below are the ways that I comfort myself if I’m having a bad day or week.  I’d love to hear what yours are so please leave a comment below.

  1. Stretch my body

I used to suffer with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). I learnt that many people store anxiety in their jaws, hips and shoulders. I used to stretch these particular area’s and it gave me some relief. You could also try Pilates or Yoga.

2. Use a hot water bottle

Resting a hot water bottle on my stomach whilst lying down helps elevate stress for me. Stress seems to accumulate in my tummy so stretching and warming this area really helps.

3. A hot bath

Again I find heat really comforting. Add in a nice smelling bubble bath (I use Radox Stress Relief bath soak) and a good book and it’s time to relax and feel good.

4. Time with my niece’s and nephew

There’s something about spending time with little people and watching how they interact with you and each other. Children find the silliest things interesting and they have such big imaginations. Spending time with them takes me back to simpler times of drawing for fun and moulding cakes out of Playdoh! I always leave happy after seeing them and having lots of cuddles.

5. A cup of tea

Ahh the simple pleasure of a hot cup of tea – it’s not to be underestimated. Maybe it’s an English thing but whenever someone has a bad time or day the first thing we offer is a cup of tea. And it’s the first thing I reach for too.

6. A book, blanket & a scented candle

Enough said.

7. Dinner out

For me there is no better treat. I love to pick what I want to eat and someone else makes it for me!  I’m not completely adverse to cooking at home but eating out in a restaurant is not something we can afford to do often so when we do it’s a real treat.

7 thoughts on “7 Ways to Comfort Yourself

  1. mossandmabel says:

    I also suffer from GAD so can find my anxiety increasing if i’m stressed or feeling a bit down. I don’t have a water bottle, but a microwavable soft toy and it’s so comforting to just hold whilst I watch TV, or get on with some life admin. You can’t beat a cup of tea and some candles either. Thanks for this list.

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  2. Lowcountry Hippie says:

    I feel like my comfort methods or mood boosters are sort of *out there.* If I’m feeling particularly down, I’ll get dressed up. Like fancy schmancy! Do my hair, makeup, nails, put on heels and a pretty dress and prance around my house like I’m somebody lol.

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  3. jessicaconstable says:

    Love this! Use so many of these to get through the Scottish winter – bath, candles, snuggling, yup! All very hygge! This week I also just gave myself a break – I’ve making sure to walk over 10,000 each day this month, but I knew that adding that to the to do list was a surefire way to disappoint myself this week so I let it slide, without beating myself up! Thank for sharing!

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