My Minimal Jewellery Collection

Gone are the days of costume jewellery – now I just own a few beautiful well loved and well worn pieces.


x 2 pairs of earrings / x 2 rings / x 2 gold necklaces / x 2 silver necklaces


Gold St Christopher – This was my nans and its the only piece of jewellery I have of hers.  It holds the most sentimental value of all my jewellery (bar my engagement & wedding rings – not pictured).

Gold bumblebee necklace – This was a Christmas present last year from my husband so its quite new.  Who doesn’t love bumblebees.

Silver circle necklace – I bought this for myself last year as I was missing a simple understated silver necklace.  I wear this for work quite often. It was purchased from ohmyclumsyheart

Silver locket – Another gift from my husband. It holds a picture of him in one side and a picture of our kitty Ruby in the other so I can carry them with me anywhere.  I wear this the most.


Silver ring – This was a gift for my 30th birthday from my brother and I wear it every day on my right hand.

Silver/turquoise ring – I bought this for myself in Mexico when I got married there last year.  I like to wear this when I am wearing black/white as the colour of the stone really stands out.


Silver earrings – I only wear earrings if I’m not wearing a necklace.  I don’t know what the logic is behind this but I always feel that I’m wearing too much jewellery if I wear both!

5 thoughts on “My Minimal Jewellery Collection

  1. happylittlehousewife says:

    This is one thing I really struggle with minimising…. my jewellery – even though I don’t wear them daily. I have a dedicated necklace and earring container, so for now, I’m leaving it in the too hard basket. I love your pieces though, they are simple yet beautiful!

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