Taking care of what we already own


In order to limit purchases and save yourself some cash in the long term it is good practice to take care of what you own. Making things last longer means you do not have to replace them saving you money and time.

Perform routine maintenance, don’t abuse things, fix things immediately and take protective measures.


I had the terrible habit of automatically throwing anything I’d worn in the wash bin. Now I try to get at least 2-3 wears out of most of my clothing before washing it (excluding underwear, socks and tights). If something gets stained or I’ve been very active then I do wash it right away but as I work in an office and travel by car my clothes just do not get that dirty.

I wash both dark and light colours on a 30 degree wash cycle using a good detergent. Less washing and on a lower temperature will help my clothes last the test of time reducing fading and bubbling of the material as will buying high quality pieces.

Other textiles

I wash towels and bedlinen on a 90 degree wash for hygiene reasons and as they are washed less often. We bought very good quality and thankfully they still look like new years later.


Perform routine maintenance. It’s important to regularly check your oil and water and also make sure you have your car serviced on a yearly basis as well as having an MOT amongst other things. Cars can be such a costly expense and what can start as a small issue can turn into a big one – goodbye money!  I also clean my car regularly inside and out and only keep the essentials in it.

Your home

Luckily we rent so our landlord deals with any big issues in our home i.e boiler maintenance. We do however ensure that we air the house out regularly during the winter months, keep it clean and also maintain our front and back gardens.

We hoover, dust, and clean the whole house on a weekly basis and regularly do a deep clean. We also take our shoes off at the front door when we enter so our carpets stay nice.


  • I regularly clean my work desk/area and computer/phone equipment.
  • I clean, buff and polish boots & shoe’s on a monthly basis if not more often
  • I store items appropriately – food stuff, clothing and electronics

Do you have any advice on taking care of what you already own?  How do you ensure items last the test of time? Please comment below!


5 thoughts on “Taking care of what we already own

  1. jessicaconstable says:

    I need to take better care of footwear. I hate buying new shoes so once I have them I really want them to last as long as possible…but I hate polishing them! Will try harder…or strike a deal with my other half lol

    Liked by 1 person

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