Kitchen Declutter

I find kitchens one of the most difficult areas of a home to keep organised and clutter free. They just house so much! From cutlery, food and cleaning supplies to cooking utensils and dry foods.

Over the last 2 months I’ve been slowly identifying what we actually use and decluttering the rest. Our kitchen is quite small and compact but now we have room to breathe.


I started by clearing out the cleaning supplies cupboard. We seemed to have accumulated vast amounts of cleaners, carrier bags and items we kept just in case. We now have a bucket that houses everything and managed to make room to store our food recycling bin (which used to sit on the kitchen side taunting me with its ugliness).

Next up I tackled pans, pots, chopping boards and roasting tins. I kept 2 of each and they are serving us well.


Over the last month or so I kept an eye on what cooking utensils and cooking aids we used and decluttered the rest. I decluttered all the odd pieces of glassware and crockery too. Now we just have what we need.

The most satisfying part of the clear out was the food cupboards. Even though I regularly take stock of what we have I still managed to find some out of date items which needed to go. I emptied the cupboards, gave them a good disinfecting and re-organised what I put back in.


After clearing out every cupboard I made quite a bit of room to store non-everyday items away. So lastly I decided what I wanted to store on the kitchen surfaces. Bar the kitchen scales everything that has been left out in the kitchen is used every day.


My friend joked that it looked like I had been robbed when she saw the outcome which did make me laugh. I suppose I just like things the way I do. I ended up adding two house plants to brighten the room up and stop it looking too bare.


15 thoughts on “Kitchen Declutter

  1. samberryblend says:

    I love what you did with the space. It is so inspirational. I have a kitchen that is going to be remodeled eventually but as of right now we don’t have much counter space at the moment.. You did a beautiful job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. happylittlehousewife says:

    I think it’s a continual thing. I done a major first declutter and felt so much better about it. I’ve since decluttered again and still don’t feel finished!!! But it’s certainly better, which makes me happy. Your kitchen is beautiful!!


  3. jessicaconstable says:

    Love! Beautiful kitchen! I can totally identify with enjoying a more organised and clutter free kitchen. It’s amazing how many things we just use a little of then keep…FOR YEARS! My latest kitchen project is storing everything so that I don’t need to move anything else to access it. I do have a pretty tiny kitchen so maybe this doesn’t affect everyone but it was a real pain to have to pull out jars to reach my blender beneath the sink…but no longer! Long may it continue 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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