Introducing Reynolds Made Interviews


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to do something that would help me connect with more of you and also show different perspectives on Minimalism.

Each persons journey into Minimalism is so different and it means something different to most of us.  I thought it would be a great idea to do interview posts with a few basic questions on what Minimalism means to each of you.

Below are a set of questions to answer.  If you want to be featured on Reynolds Made please email your answers to

Please include a link to your blog at the end and feel free to add a photo to be included (either of yourself or your blog profile).  I will not edit your answers but may correct grammatical or spelling mistakes if they are made.  I hope that’s okay.

I plan on posting one interview per week so keep an eye out for yours!

The Interview

  1. Tell us a little something about yourself & your blog.
  2. How did you discover Minimalism?
  3. How have you introduced  Minimalism into your life?
  4. How has it changed your life for the better?
  5. What do your close friends and family think of your lifestyle? Are they supportive, perplexed or inspired by the changes you’ve made? Do they even know about it?
  6. What are your hopes for the future and how do you plan to progress the lifestyle? Or are you happy just as you are right now?

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