Goals 2017 Update


So how are you getting on with the goals you set for 2017?

Have you given up on some? Are some evolving into different goals as time moves forward? Or have you set more goals since the start of the year?

I like to refer to the goals I set on a weekly basis.  Sometimes life can get busy and we can lose focus.  By us, I of course mean, me…

My goals for 2017 are hand written in my ‘Goals & To-Do List’ notebook with a short description for each.  I find handwritten goals more motivating than on an electronic devices.  I’m not sure why.  I also did a summary on this blog which you can view here My Goals for 2017

Wardrobe Curation

I did the final big de-clutter last weekend.  I had started the process late last year and had hit a wall in early January.  I was getting worried that I was giving away too much or that I would regret some of it.  I decided to use the reverse hanger trick and be ruthless – whatever I did not manage to wear in the space of the following 4 weeks would go.  So I did!  Look out for a future post on my Wardrobe Curation Project.

Household Items

I have stuck to the goal of only buying what we really need.  I stopped filling our cupboards with stockpiles of scented candles and dry food.  I purged our kitchen a short while back and took stock of what we had.  I now do food shopping online with quick dashes back and forth to the kitchen to make sure I’m only buying what we need.

Using up products

I’m shocked to learn how long make-up and beauty products last before they run out.  Until this year I had no idea as I was always buying new products for the sake of trying them out.  I haven’t purchased anything beauty related in 6 weeks so far as they’re still going strong.

Take my camera out every weekend & complete Photography Course by July 17

It’s not happened every weekend but most.  Its started to become so much more enjoyable as my course has progressed as I am learning more of the functionalities of the camera.  Last week we learnt about composition so we are starting to get more creative – which I love!

#365 Project on Instagram

I’ve kind of given up on this project.  I found I didn’t enjoy being forced to be creative just because I felt like I had to be.  It became a stressful task especially when I leave the house in the dark and get home in the dark.  Not great for taking photo’s.  I still use Instagram but only when I want to or feel inspired to.

New goal

Keep track of daily spending – this I have been really good with.  There is not a penny I spend without intention or being documented.  I’m also still saving 51% of my income and will reach one of the financial goals I set myself this year by the end of March.

How are you doing with yours?

6 thoughts on “Goals 2017 Update

  1. devisecreateconcoct says:

    Wow! Good for you. Saving 51% of your income is absolutely amazing and inspiring. My big goal for this year was to start a container vegetable garden. It’s well on the way. Seeds are purchased and ready to plant. Baby steps. Lol. Have a great day my friend!


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