Minimalism – What I’ve learnt so far


It’s been almost 4 months since I first watched a wardrobe declutter on YouTube and discovered Minimalism.  I’ve always been an organised and tidy person who used to regularly declutter possessions so it’s not surprising that when I found out about this tool and lifestyle that it piqued my interest and subsequently snowballed into a full on life overhaul.

 It started with booking some time off work in November 2016 and whilst my partner was at work I was at work on our home and my wardrobe.  I tackled every room, every cupboard and every drawer.  No part of our home was missed out.  I then reorganised what I had left.

The feeling after this initial purge was a feeling of having a huge weight off my shoulders and almost elation.  I suddenly felt calmer and more relaxed at home or even when I was at work.  I felt happier and more content just by removing all of that clutter.

I then tackled shopping habits, social media, electronic files, email, finances, my work area and finally my social calendar.  Since doing all of this I can safely say that I am genuinely happier in myself and my life.  My relationships with others, my mood and my energy levels have all improved. 

The main things I have learned in the last 4 months is that if you are unhappy, stressed or overwhelmed adding stuff to your life will only make it worse, not better.  Actually if you are unhappy you need to take stuff away; declutter, make space to breath, start saying no to social events that you’ll dread, reduce social media and comparison, less decisions, less time spent on things that bring you no joy.

Other things that I’ve learnt

If you own less stuff and keep surfaces clear then cleaning your home is a doddle and it takes much less time.

It’s really difficult to part with sentimental items and you should take your time when doing this.

You’ll never do ‘one last declutter’ in your home – it’s an on-going process and something to be maintained.

Your relationships will benefit from your new state of mind and outlook on life.

Your bank balance will also benefit.

You’ll have shed loads more time for hobbies and your health.

You’ll suddenly become much more productive.

You’ll experience freedom from the comparison game.

Some people will just not understand why you would want less and not more – of anything!

Some people will be interested by what you are doing and you may inspire them to do the same.


Since the start of January 2017 I have also started this blog as a way to connect to others who are also transitioning into this new way of life.  I just want to say a little thank you to those of you who I have managed to connect with through this space and for inspiring me so much.  It’s always nice to know there are other people who share the same values as you!

6 thoughts on “Minimalism – What I’ve learnt so far

  1. infinitybeckons says:

    My first week of simple living was quite remarkable. Living with “more” less was quite liberating and the stuff I had left meant more to me than the more stuff I used to have and didn’t care for.

    I also found that there was less chatter going on inside my head, time spent on decision processes (what to wear, what breakfast and lunch yo have) simply wasn’t there as I already know what tomorrow and every day brings for certain situations.

    I was ruthless in what I threw out and what I gave away, but I must say I found it all quite easy in the end.

    I have the memory engrained of certain personal possessions and even photographs and found that was more than enough.

    It’s not money, status or things that define us, moving away from that mindset gives us more freedom to pursue inner calm and allows more time as you say for other things of value.

    Keep up the blogging 😀


  2. Sam says:

    Always interesting to hear others thoughts on minimalism from where they started to where they are now. I’ve been doing it for around the same amount of time as you and am devouring all the reading material I can on the subject to keep me motivated. Keep up the good work! Sam x

    Liked by 1 person

    • reynoldsmade says:

      Hi Sam, I keep finding people who’ve been doing this the same time as me! Interesting! Thank you 🙂 Your blog looks lovely by the way I’ll give it a read this week x


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