Introducing David Gardner

Tell us a little something about yourself & your blog.
I recently retired from the technical staffing industry and am a retired veteran of the US Army. I’ve always enjoyed writing and wanted to create a blog to enable me to write about any topic that piques my interest. I’m also working on a book and the blog will be one more mechanism to advertise that book once it is ready for market.
How did you discover Minimalism?
The military moves its folks around a lot. Minimalism for me was a lifestyle before it became mainstream. I realized this when I was reading a book on Minimalism and gleaned that I was already there.
How have you introduced Minimalism into your life?
For me, the act of minimizing what I owned, what I need, and what truly brings value to me occurs when I move. We all collect things while we stay in one place. When we move we discover we have a whole bunch of stuff we just don’t need. I used to collect books. This is a meaningless practice when I now own a phone that gives me access to books. For those books that are not available online, I have a local library I can go to and borrow one.
Another area is paperwork. I’m not there yet, but pretty close. I would like to be 100% paperless. One of the things I’ve learned to do is with greeting cards. I take pictures of them and store them in the cloud. All of these things minimizes my need to use paper of any kind. That being said, when I write I am old school. Sometimes I write on paper and then re-type my work into MS Word. Most times, however, I stick with MS Word, Google Docs, or some other mechanism to record my thoughts. I’m a big user of MS OneNote as well.
How has it changed your life for the better?
I enjoy the freedom it provides. If I had to move tomorrow, I could do it easily. Pack up my stuff (about two pieces of luggage) and I’m gone. The freedom is what I enjoy by possessing less and being responsible for less.
What do your close friends and family think of your lifestyle? Are they supportive, perplexed or inspired by the changes you’ve made? Do they even know about it?
My Mom and Dad are collectors. I’ve moved back in with them to take care of them in their senior years. My Dad has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and my Mom is starting to have some trouble with that. The big thing for her is her inability to leave the home without taking him somewhere. Now, with me being home, I can help with some of the housework, run some of the errands, and take care of Dad while she’s gone and allow her to do some things she was unable to do in my absence. My Mom thinks it’s awesome. My Dad thinks it’s weird. My friends are mixed. Some think it’s terrific; others think I’m weird.
What are your hopes for the future and how do you plan to progress the lifestyle?
Ultimately, I want to be able to carry everything I need in two bags of luggage. I have a lot of paper (about a 2-drawer filing cabinet of it), but I slowly chunk away at digitizing what I have. The rest is already online in the cloud. So I want to get rid of my desktop, get a big-screened laptop, and be able to move at a moment’s notice. Maybe hop, skip, and jump across the planet while I write using pensions, Airbnb, and other mechanisms so the places I move to already have furniture. My passion is the written word. I love to read and I love to write. As long as I have a book to read, some music to listen to, and a way to write, I’m happy. Only bonuses, would be a companion to hang out with at each place I move to and a good gym to get in workouts.
You can find David’s blog here:
David Gardner / Daily Ramblings /

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