Wardrobe Update 2

This month I finally had some funds put aside to get a few pieces for my wardrobe.  After spending months identifying what I need and like to wear most I’ve bought a few items that have been sitting in my wish list for just as long.

I thought I would want to stick with a specific colour palette (Green/Grey/Black/White) but I’ll be honest – I miss a little colour and pattern.  Maybe it’s because spring is on its way and we’re finally leaving winter behind.  My wardrobe has been lacking on the weekend wear front since last year.

So without further ado this is what I have purchased from my wish list.


An off-shoulder blue/white top.  I really wanted something girly to wear at the weekends with blue jeans and with blue denim shorts in the warmer months.


Light-mid blue jeans.  I already own one pair of black and one dark blue wash.  I wanted a pair of lighter jeans for the Spring season.


Pinky orange fine knit jumper. I am missing so much weekend wear.  I mentioned before I only have 2 jumpers and they are old.  I can see myself throwing this on each weekend when I’m leaving the house with either pair of new bottoms.


Black cargo pants with silver zip detail for weekend wear and for a night out.  Every top I own will go with these as will the new pieces above.


Black short sleeve blouse.  How I don’t already own a basic like this I do not know.  It’s for work and evening wear.

All the above have been purchased from Mango UK

I still need to buy some more underwear and possibly a lightweight jacket for spring/summer.  For now I’m pretty much done on the wardrobe front.  I’ll try and do an overall wardrobe post so you can see the whole thing!

4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Update 2

  1. Sam says:

    I’ve been going through the same process and added a little pale blue to my wardrobe to scratch my “i need some colour” itch. It’s working so far. Some lovely mindful purchases here, it’s hard to change your mindset but so worth it.

    S x


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