The Month of February


Can I start off by saying wow two months into 2017 already!!?  How the heck did that happen?  I’m all for spring to finally arrive but I don’t want to wish my life away at the same time.  Christmas and two weeks off work seem a lifetime ago and quite frankly I could do with a holiday.  February was the month of working hard and not much rest so I am planning on having a more chilled March.

It was though filled with time with friends and family and a few trips out.  I’m definitely getting better with my camera and learning new skills too!

  • The first weekend of the month was a 3 day weekend for me.  I booked the Friday off work as I was running low on energy and had to listen to my body.  We spent the Saturday evening with friends J&Z and they made us a feast and the Sunday with my family to celebrate my brothers birthday.  A weekend filled with food and good company (you may have noticed we get fed A LOT by loved ones – no complaints here).
  • I learnt about compositional techniques in my photography class and we were set quite a bit of homework.  I went out for the day with my father-in-law to capture the different styles and then we went back for breakfast and lots of cups of tea!
  • Me and the husband babysat for my brother (first time ever) and it was a breeze.  I’m wondering if we were just lucky and it won’t be like that all the time…are we being pulled into a false pretence perchance?? My niece & nephew slept solid from the moment we arrived until we left…which I am not taking personally.
  • Me & the hubby had a great date night at Cote filled with laughs and good food.
  • We visited our friends P&K’s new house and had dinner with other friends the next day too (see what I mean about being fed by loved ones all the time?).
  • One last digital de-clutter and I finally came off Facebook and haven’t regretted it at all.  I’ve made much more of an effort to be in contact with people and arrange catching up at weekends. My time is filled with those that I truly cherish now and not a show reel of peoples lives who I’m not that interested in quite frankly.
  • I made great progress with a current project at work and even though it has knackered me out I am feeling a great sense of achievement and highly motivated for the next few weeks implementing the plans.

So that was my February.  Before I sat and wrote this I thought it had been a month of struggle and exhaustion but looking back I actually had a lovely time.  I suppose that’s why it’s good to reflect as it’s so easy to focus on the negative when really the positive usually outweighs it every time.

The month of March is going to be filled with birthdays, a house warming party and the start of my first assignment for my photography course.  I’m planning a lot of rest too.  At work I have a few meetings booked in and a 6 month review to complete.  So bring it on March I’m ready for you!

How was your February?


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