Why I’m disconnecting to get a better connection

I have written before about conducting a digital declutter. At the time I removed all unused apps, filed all my emails, organised all my digital files and deleted bookmarks. But at the time I was really struggling to delete Facebook. Although I was using it less and less I was still uploading all my photos to it as a way to store and share them all. I’m into photography after all! But I was still getting that feeling of being disconnected with people – even though the point of Facebook is to be connected to others through status updates, photos and events.

You can read the first article here of how I decluttered my digital life:


So who remembers when Facebook was first launched? I was in my first full time job and my social life was at its busiest. I loved nothing more than uploading photos from nights out, commenting on my friend’s photos and who remembers poking people??? When Facebook first came out it was a fun place to connect with others.

Lately though I have found it to be a hive of animosity, political opinions and I’ve downright seen different sides to people I never thought existed. And not good ones at that!

I don’t want this post to turn into a Facebook bashing but for me using it has started to have a negative effect on me. So I have recently deactivated my account…

Since I deactivated it I have noticed:

  1. I am texting/calling loved ones more and having a proper catch up and making more plans to meet up.
  2. I am happier in myself and my life as I am no longer comparing what I’m up to with what others are doing.  I’m much more content.
  3. I’m worrying less about what I look like in photo’s as they won’t be plastered all over the internet for all to see (and judge). Shallow that may be, but I used to hate people putting up photos of me that I didn’t particularly want everyone I have ever known seeing.
  4. I’ve stopped being bombarded with ‘You have memories on FB’ or ‘On this day’ notifications; which for some reason I could never turn off.

Not being able to see what everyone and their dog is up to has made me a better friend. It’s actually made me feel more connected to others which I didn’t think would happen. Now the only news I hear is from my family and close friends and my mind is all the more happier for it – less noise and less information.

Deactivating Facebook might not be the right decision for all. Some people use it for business or blog related content & some people get joy from it. I just know that for me it has been the right decision and one that I do not regret. Best decision ever.

14 thoughts on “Why I’m disconnecting to get a better connection

  1. Sam says:

    I deactivated mine at the end of last year and I am also feeling all the better for it! I prefer a close knit and rather small and mindful life, Facebook flies in the face of that for me. After paring down my list quite dramatically I thought that would be enough at first, but then you have the obligation of all the work friends and other people’s emotions to take into account. It was easier just to deactivate!


    • reynoldsmade says:

      And people get quite emotional about FB too don’t they? I must admit I used to feel a bit peeved myself if suddenly someone de-added me or didn’t accept a friend request. Silly really. It’s just a social media platform but it caused so many mixed emotions. Glad I’m shot of it! x


  2. thosethingsthatmatter says:

    Nice post and great blog in general. I enjoy reading it. I am tempted to get off fb but I don’t know if I can… Maybe I should try it for a while. I have certainly noticed how often I check my phone in general and have cut down a lot on that. I turned off the fb notification sound which is totally unnecessary and annoying most of the time. 🙂


    • reynoldsmade says:

      Thank you thosethingsthatmatter. I’m glad you enjoy reading it. I started with the notifications but for some reason I couldn’t not pop on FB in case I was missing something? All very odd. I’m not missing it now though which is a surprise!

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    • reynoldsmade says:

      I almost deleted it all but deactivated the account instead so there is always the option of opening it back up again. But right now I can’t see myself doing it. Life just feels better without it 🙂


  3. devisecreateconcoct says:

    I’ve tossed this around many times as well. I do use it to promote my blog though which has been effective. I rarely use my personal account though…of course you cancel my personal account the. I can’t have a blog page anymore. Another annoyance just like the “memories”.


    • reynoldsmade says:

      That’s annoying you can’t have a blog page without a personal account. I never searched for blogs on FB but I realise now many bloggers use that platform and its very effective. I never used Twitter until I started this blog but I find it much less annoying than FB.

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  4. infinitybeckons says:

    I took a minimalist approach to Facebook over a year ago and I don’t regret it.

    I went from 250+ “friends” down to 30 and most of those I “follow” are folks that are not within a cab ride away.

    I do use it for community events though as well as the Messenger service to keep in touch with geographically hard to reach friends so there is still value in it for me.

    Like everything in life really, moderation is the key to a balanced and happy life 😀

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    • reynoldsmade says:

      I tried to do that and then when I bumped into people I had de-added they had something to say about it. It wasn’t worth it in the end so I just came off it altogether. Daft FB. Yes absolutely – I still use Instagram & Twitter but more for my blog and not a means to be in contact with people. My best friend now resides in New York so we email & facetime! 🙂

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