Spring Is On Its Way


Spring officially starts at the end of this month on the 20th March and clocks go forward on the 26th March. I feel like we are finally FINALLY emerging from winter hibernation now. I’ve noticed green shoots sprouting up in all my flower beds in our garden and I’m itching to get out there and give the garden a good going over.

The mornings of drinking my coffee under a blanket in the glow of a lamp is slowly on the way to being mornings spent in the garden before work; taking in the fresh air. I’m so looking forward to those long summer nights of impromptu BBQ’s with friends and family and ice-cold drinks.

I love the start of a new season whichever one it is. Summer for its long days and beautiful flowers and blossoms, Autumn for its colours, sense of a fresh start (I work in Education so it feels more like the start of a new year to me than January does) and the lead up to Halloween & Christmas, Winter for days spent at home with hot drinks, blankets & good books and of course Spring, for its new beginnings and promises of warmer months and longer days.


A could do list for the spring season

  • Get outside for a weekend walk or bike ride. It’s not quite warm enough to sit outside all day but you can leave the house without piles of clothing, winter coats & hats. Get moving and see if you can spot the Snowdrops and Daffodils popping up everywhere.
  • Bring nature into your home with some new plants or flowers and get those windows open when you can. Let in the fresh air and bring life to your home.
  • Spring clean one room every week until you’ve done the whole house. Move big furniture, deep clean the floors and don’t forget to polish skirting boards.
  • Get out in your garden and get it ready for the summer months. Get weeding and hoeing your flower beds, wipe down garden furniture and mow the lawn.
  • Store away some of your heavier knits and coats. Switch to lighter fabrics, blankets and bedding.
  • Make some fun plans with friends and family for the upcoming months.
  • Switch heavier comforting foods to light salads with your meals and embrace the fruits and veggie’s coming into season.


Hope you all have a lovely Saturday and weekend. Are you looking forward to spring as much as me? What is your absolute favourite season?

11 thoughts on “Spring Is On Its Way

  1. jessicaconstable says:

    I love summer! But with a caveat – I love summer when I’m not in the city! The lighter days are reminding me how much I miss having a garden and being in the countryside. Maybe this will be the summer when we finally move out of Glasgow!


    • reynoldsmade says:

      Oh where are you thinking of moving too Jessica? I must admit if I moved now I could never give up my garden. I never used to feel like that but the last few years I’ve really made the most of outside space in the warmer months x

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      • jessicaconstable says:

        Well my partner is from Marseille so we’re always a bit pulled there, and he’s applied for a job in New Zealand recently too lol. All a bit up in the air at the moment! Then I’m thinking of just letting out my flat and renting a place with outdoor space…Hmm!


      • reynoldsmade says:

        Sounds like a season of possible changes for you. New Zealand sounds amazing! As does renting a new a new place. Wishing you lots of luck with whatever you decide. Exciting times ahead x

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  2. devisecreateconcoct says:

    Oh I am so ready for spring! I can’t wait to be able to sit outside with my coffee and look at Lake Ontario from my balcony as it wakes up for the day. Love all the beautiful photos of the flowers. They made my heart swell. 🙂

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  3. thosethingsthatmatter says:

    Spring has come to Ireland now too. It means the already very green countryside changes its shade of green. It has a new intensity to it. Personally I love Autumn. Maybe cause my b’day is in September. It makes some people depressed I know cause winter is coming but for me it is calm after the summer and usually still warm. At least the beginning of it. 🙂 I plan to get out more in Spring and I am moving to a new house so I will be busy soon.

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