10 Random Facts Tag


I can’t remember now where I first saw this tag – I’m pretty sure many bloggers have done this! I love reading them and getting to know the person behind the blog more so I thought I’d join in the fun!

  1. There is not one Tom Hanks film that is not on my list of all-time favourite movies. Cast Away, The Terminal, Big, The Burbs, Catch Me if you Can, Forrest Gump…..I don’t think I need to go on. He is by far my all-time favourite actor.
  2. I can move my ears back and forth without using my hands. I can move them independently….of their own accord. Best party trick ever…. if not incredibly weird.
  3. I’ve never broken or fractured a bone but I did once jump into the shallow end of a swimming pool when I was 10 years old and teared all the ligaments in my left knee. I had to wear a cast for 9 months that went from the top of my ankle right to the top of my thigh. Bathing was an issue! As was walking without bobbing up and down.
  4. I left home at the tender age of 17 and have looked after myself ever since. Back then I thought I was all grown up but when I see 17 year olds now I think how young they are. It set me on a difficult path for a while but it all worked out well in the end and made me learn some tough lessons early on.
  5. I can’t wear high-heels. I literally can’t walk in them but the worst part is after a while my left knee starts to throb (see point 3 above).
  6. My favourite thing to eat is cheese. I know it’s bad for me but I can’t quit the addiction. Brie, Goat’s Cheese, Feta, Camembert. Just give me all the cheese please.
  7. My first ever job was working in a hairdressers whilst I studied in sixth form. I spent every Saturday and Thursday evening washing people’s hair, making coffee and sweeping floors. I earnt a measly £1.90 per hour but I loved being independent and earning money.
  8. Me and the Mr got married last year in Mexico. We had our wedding on the beech of the hotel. After the ceremony we gathered in a private function area called The Wave Lounge which overlooked the sea and it began to rain. Suddenly everyone starting shouting and we saw what they were looking at – the biggest brightest most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen. It felt magical.  That view will stay with me forever and rainbows will always always remind me of the most special day that I got to marry my best friend.
  9. My first pet was a set of rabbits called Honeysuckle & Flopsey. They both had free rein of the garden and sometimes liked to pop inside the house to leave little presents for us all. They loved burrowing, as rabbits do, but also being wrapped up in a hot towel to be dried off if it had been raining outside.  Cue bunny cuddles.
  10. I was a vegan for a little over a year once. I was suffering with consistent headaches and doctors couldn’t figure out why. I had numerous tests and appointments but in the end took it into my own hands. I cut out most food groups and decided at the time I was fine with that. So for a whole year I ate no meat or dairy or anything animal related. I admit I was the healthiest I’ve ever been but I missed so many types of food that I slowly reintroduced everything back in. And the headaches never returned. I debate sometimes about giving up dairy but right now I’m not motivated enough (see point 6 above!).

So those are my random 10 things about me. Feel free to do your own below in the comments section or on your own blog – just post a link below so I can read yours 🙂

6 thoughts on “10 Random Facts Tag

  1. Dysis says:

    My first pet was a rabbit called Sandy, I still adore rabbits! she would crawl into a hole in the back of the sofa, which she had created, and fall a sleep in there. Sometimes for hours. I love how open and genuine your posts are. They are great to read. Keep em coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    • reynoldsmade says:

      Rabbits really are too cute for words! And funny with their little ways. I’d love to have a rabbit again as a pet and maybe some guinea pigs too. That noise they make! Weeb weeb! 🙂

      Thanks Dysis that’s a lovely thing to say. Thank you for reading and commenting it’s always good to connect with like minded people! x

      Liked by 1 person

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