Introducing Bethany Jane Writes


Tell us a little something about yourself & your blog.

Hey there, my name is Bethany Jane and I am a freelance writer who is fascinated by culture and the art of lifestyle. I started my blog Bethany Jane Writes about a year ago, but due to health setbacks I was unable to keep posting until more recently. My blog is about writing, lifestyle techniques, and how the power of the written word shapes how people interact with the world. When I am not writing, I am outside adventuring in the world to discover new stories, new perspective, and learning how to live a better life. 

How did you discover Minimalism?

My first interactions with Minimalism were while I was living in Thailand. Coming from the States, there was a normalization of owning many things that seem to just stay in piles in the garage. While I owned many things back home, I took only what was necessary when traveling, which taught me a lot more about what I actually needed to survive, and what things I could do without.       

How have you introduced Minimalism into your life?

I have slowly been introducing Minimalism into my life. When I travel, I bring only the necessities and can live out of a backpack just fine. I even lived in my mini-van for six weeks while on a trip and had no problem having a small amount of things with me. It is when I am back home that tends to grip me in memories or sentimental mentality towards things. Yet, when I started getting rid of things that harboured bad memories, I felt a weight lifted. I moved a lot in college, and always felt buried in clothes when I moved. Many of which were so worn, or not worn at all, that it seemed excessive to haul it from place to place. The last time I moved I brought far too many clothes with me again, which has prompted a steadily increasing list of what to sell or donate when I move again in spring. So when it comes time to leave winter behind, I will have only the things that I need with me for the next season. 

How has it changed your life for the better?

Minimalism has taught me to have a different relationship with my stuff and my memories. It also teaches me what is important in life. Even if I lost everything I owned it is my relationships that mean more to me than anything else. By going through my things and deciphering what adds value to my life and what doesn’t, it teaches my heart and soul to recognize what I need to live a happy, healthy, and beautiful life. 

What do your close friends and family think of your lifestyle? Are they supportive, perplexed or inspired by the changes you’ve made? Do they even know about it?

My sweetheart is much more minimalist than I am, which means he is very supportive in me adapting to a minimalist lifestyle. We would much rather travel the globe, than have a house full of things we never use. Minimalism looks different for every person, and since I am a natural nomad, my decisions to adapt to having only the things I need make sense to my family and friends. Getting rid of things that do not serve my life, help me be more myself, and my friends and family definitely can see that in my every day spirit now. 

What are your hopes for the future and how do you plan to progress the lifestyle? Or are you happy just as you are right now?

In two months I will be moving across the sea to New Zealand, which prompts me to only take the things I need and leave the rest behind. In fact, I am incredibly excited for it, because it gives me a chance to actively get rid of things that are not necessary for this next season in life. Part of that is letting go of kitchen items, clothes, my old desk, and many items that serve no purpose in this next step for me. Not that I am living in excess now, but I think every season has its purpose. The next season will bring on the minimalist lifestyle in better clarity, and I greatly look forward to a future where I make conscious decisions about the things I buy and the things that I keep to add value in my life. 

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