Instagram Roundup

  1. Current reads – Just finished The Teashop on the Corner and I recommend it if you are looking for something light and easy to read.  It felt like a hug in a book whenever I sat down to read it.
  2. Beautiful views from my garden on a sunny Monday morning.  Certainly made me feel ready for the start of a new week.
  3. Miss KG pumps – It’s gradually getting warm enough to bust out the pumps and leave the ankle boots at home!
  4. Faceless selfie and pre-haircut.
  5. I had an appointment at the opticians and decided to walk there instead of taking the car and I spotted so many blossom tree’s I just had to take a photo of one.
  6. I finally purchased Adobe Photoshop at the weekend and spent hours playing around with it. We’re onto learning how to use it in my photography course so good timing!
  7. I was off work a few weeks back with a migraine and as soon as I felt well enough I went for a little walk to blow the cobwebs out of my head.
  8. Coffee – current life force.
  9. Me and my niece – My nephew was playing right next to us making a lot of noise and she clearly found this more interesting than taking a selfie with her aunty 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup

  1. Sam says:

    Ah I loved the tea shop on the corner, such a lovely light, feel good read. I have yet to swap my wardrobe around and put the ankle boots away. It is warming up though so I expect to be doing that by the end of March! Can’t wait for Spring!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Sam x


    • reynoldsmade says:

      Wasn’t it just? I might keep it and read it again at the end of summer. I do enjoy a feel good read 🙂 Me neither! I can’t stop hunting down and taking photo’s of blossom tree’s everywhere. Its become an obsession! Have a lovely week Sam. Hope you’re back for Wonderful Wednesday tomorrow x


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