Wonderful Wednesday #4


Here we are again!

This past week has been a strange one as my emotions have been all over the place but I’m glad to be sitting here reflecting on the good stuff because there is always good stuff to be found. The sun has been shinning more and more and I’m getting excited about the warmer months and the longer days that are to come. I’m also loving not needing a coat, gloves and a scarf when leaving the house – I’m so over winter!

Anyway onto the positives of the last week.


I’ve been continuing the theme of self-care this past week with a doctor’s appointment and an eye test at the opticians. I’ve been prescribed beta blockers again for that ghastly anxiety and they are brilliant. They help limit the amount of adrenaline my body produces which in turn helps slow my heart down and just knowing I have them when I need them helps loads too. Also my eye test went fine and I still don’t need glasses! So yay to that!

Photography Project #1

I’ve pretty much finished my first project for my course! There are going to be 2 in total. I’ve really enjoyed writing it. It was a culmination of all the work I’d done up to this point and we had to discuss our approach to the photos we took and then critique them. It feels great to be accomplishing something completely unrelated to my 9-5 job. We’re now onto the next stage of photo editing and enhancement and I’m loving it!


How beautiful was the weather in the South East on Saturday?! The sun was shining all day and I just had to get outside. I spent hours on the flower beds in the garden as well as all the bushes. I had lunch outside too and soaked up as much of the rays as possible. The garden still needs a lot of work as it’s pretty much been neglected since the end of summer last year but I made a good start. Shoots are coming up all over and suddenly this year most of the flower beds are filled with bluebells and daffodils! Yay to some pretty flowers and beautiful colours to enjoy.

Buffet lunch

It wouldn’t be a Reynolds Made Wonderful Wednesday post without mentioning being fed by someone now would it? On Sunday we celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday and she put on a lot of food.  I admit buffets are one of my favourite things to eat! Who doesn’t love a selection of different foods to pick from and it’s totally acceptable to go back as many times as you like and keep topping up your plate. I still felt full the following day!

Cat snuggles

My husband was away this past weekend and every time one of us isn’t around our kitty Ruby becomes the other person’s stalker. It didn’t matter what I was doing she was right there next to me wanting to play or be cuddled. She slept on the bed and I woke up numerous times to her head butting my face and wanting to cuddle. When I was gardening Saturday she kept jumping in and out of the flower beds and being very naughty – little scamp!  She certainly kept me company.

Freshly painted nails

I never used to be the nail varnish type but lately I’ve been enjoying Sunday night manicures and picking a fresh new colour for the week ahead. There’s something about freshly painted nails that makes me feel really put together and like I have this life thing down! This week I’ve gone for a bright red and I can’t help admiring my hands as I type at the keyboard. Hey it’s the little things right?


The lovely Sally is the one who got me thinking about the warm and fuzzies over on Sally Tangle. There’s even more lovely folks who join in on the happiness and mid week merriment so be sure to pop over to them for more of the good stuff –  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s , Peta’s , AND Emma‘s #wonderfulwednesday posts. Don’t forget to check out the #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter too, the WW family is growing all the time!

9 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday #4

  1. mossandmabel says:

    I love how many fresh flowers I am seeing all over the place! I also keep Beta Blockers in my bag – I feel much calmer knowing they are there just in case. I often find the physical symptoms of anxiety make me panic even more, so they are great at reducing the cycle.


    • reynoldsmade says:

      A fellow person who suffers with anxiety too! I feel the same – also getting too hot and not much sleep for a long period of time can bring on the physical symptoms. Its all about managing yourself well and picking up on the early signs of an attack I think. Beta blockers are a god send though.


  2. jessicaconstable says:

    Happy Wednesday! The nail polish point spoke to me (I type with dark purple nails (as an aside, who knew ‘Shades of Deep Purple’ was a band?!)) – an odd aspect of working from home and minimalism for me is that I have found a love of nail varnish! Thankfully not buying more, but I love using the ones I already own as a creative outlet and decoration. I also hope it will stop me biting my nails but alas…


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