Introducing The Minimal Burgwahsee


How did you discover Minimalism?

I watched a documentary on Minimalism on Netflix. I’m sure I’m far from the only one to be inspired by it, it’s fantastic!

How have you introduced Minimalism into your life?

I have de-cluttered my house and began following other blogs for inspiration on how to live a more intentional life. A life with less, but only less of the good stuff.

How has it changed your life for the better?

So many different ways! I’m more fiscally responsible. I don’t fill my life up with things that don’t matter, but with people and activities that do. I am more sceptical of mass market items and question their real intention.

What do your close friends and family think of your lifestyle? Are they supportive, perplexed or inspired by the changes you’ve made? Do they even know about it?

I’ve tried to explain it to them, but I don’t think I’m doing a very good job. Most of my family and friends think that I mean that I’m doing “spring cleaning”, but don’t understand that this is a lifestyle for me. My mom bought me these ridiculous Valentine’s pants, with hearts on them, and I tried to tell her I don’t need or want them, but it’s hard to express that in a nice way haha. Any tips?!

What are your hopes for the future and how do you plan to progress the lifestyle? Or are you happy just as you are right now?

I always try to stay happy and satisfied with how I’m currently living. And, I can honestly say that minimalism has helped me do that, and hone in on what creates happiness in my life. There’s always room for improvement though! And I do plan on progressing in the lifestyle as I can, and with purpose.

You can find Kathryn’s blog here: minimalburg

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