Finding Balance


If you are anything like me (always trying to achieve something even if it’s just the washing up) you may struggle to find balance in your life. I find it hard to spend my time relaxing if I know there is something that needs doing or working on. Add to the mix anxiety and you’ve got an over-worked scatty person on your hands.

I know how important rest is and I know how important balance should be in your life. I have many priorities and they all deserve my time so lately I’ve been working on how to fit everything in and enjoy a well-balanced life.

First things first – set your priorities

What do you want to spend the most time on? What are your top priorities? My list looks like this right now:

  1. Communicate and spend regular time with family and friends including the hubby
  2. Practise my photography skills and do the set homework in good time
  3. Write blog posts about life and things that interest me and schedule these in for the week ahead
  4. Stay organised and on top of things at work
  5. Schedule rest days/evenings

All five of these are important to me and they all take up varying amounts of time. I try to ensure that by the end of a week that I have given them all the time that they deserve by planning my weeks out and blocking out time for them. Bullet journals, diaries and spreadsheets are your friends!

Allocate your time

On my list my job is down at number 4 but it definitely takes up most of my time. But I don’t need to allocate time to this as I have to turn up at 9am and leave at 5pm. I do, however, need to be mindful to allocate time for my other priorities. Right now I make sure a week does not pass that I don’t contact family or friends and I schedule in time for photography & blogging work at weekends and a couple of evenings a week.

Evaluate your decisions

Once you are into your flow take some time to evaluate the decisions you’ve been making. Objective analysis helps you to ensure that what you are prioritising in your life serves you. Do your priorities make you feel energised and feel a sense of achievement? Are they helping you grow as a person? Make sure you are not making something that makes you feel unhappy a top priority in your life.

The small things

Enjoy life’s little pleasures, like good food, good company and rest days. Spend some quiet time alone, in nature when you can and connect with yourself. How do you want to spend your time? What brings you happiness?

One thought on “Finding Balance

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    Great post! I always feel like I’m juggling too many balls. Between what I need to do, what I want to do and how much time I have, I sometimes feel stuck (when I’m only doing what I need to do) or unproductive (when I’m mostly doing what I want to do and am neglecting other aspects). I like the idea of prioritizing, allocating time and taking a step back to reevaluate.

    Liked by 1 person

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