Introducing Lacolombette


Me & My Blog

I write about my Minimalist life(style) in a Tiny House on Wheels, with my 7-year-old daughter, 8 year-old Chihuahua, and a few cherished totems and possessions.

How I Discovered Minimalism

Through Courtney Cox’s Blog Be More With Less

How I Introduced Minimalism into My Life

Culling Physical Stuff: Giving Things Away, 15 Trips to Goodwill, while worthwhile and handy, I learned after all my carloads, is “creating jobs” only by hiring it’s friendly staff. It is actually a for-profit thrift shop chain. If you do decide to cull your belongings, I might suggest finding a local non-profit community center. Mailing Cherished Items to Friends and Family, Trash, Trash and More Trash, and Consignment. Culling Mental Clutter: Deleting Apps, Removing Facebook’s Newsfeed, Going (Almost) Paperless, and – most importantly and radically – making my home Wi-Fi-free. I can access my email and cyber-needs on my Smart Phone, but otherwise, as my 7-year-old puts it, “our house is in airplane mode”. Off to Redbox we go!

How Minimalism Changed My Life

 Peace of Mind, Weekend Naps, Complete House Cleaning DONE in 60 Minutes, Knowing Exactly What I Own (I could write a list!), Free Time, Financial Security, Lightness of Step.

What Friends and Family Think

Most = Admiring but think it’s not for them. Some = Respectfully keeping their mouth shut. A few = Loudly mocking me, my composting toilet, and my wardrobe of 100 items.

 Future Hopes & Plans

Finding a life partner who not only accepts me for my Minimalism and Tiny Living choices, but embraces portions as well. Raising my/our kids in nature. Having a Tiny House on Wheels next to a lake with a dock and a canoe. Having a job that lets me escape there on a regular basis, with or without my fabulous family.

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