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Hi Everyone 🙂

I always find it interesting to read a ‘typical day in the life of’ post relating to people’s 9-5’s so I thought I’d share what a typical work day is like for me.  I recently changed my working hours to 8am till 4pm and I am finding I am much more productive doing these hours. It’s also lovely getting home from work at 4:15pm!  Luckily I live quite close to my office.

I work at a private musical theatre college as a management accountant.  We offer a BA Hons Degree and also a Diploma in Musical Theatre & Performance as well as offering music services.  Children come to learn musical instruments as well as be part of bands and choirs.  As you can imagine its a vibrant and exciting place to work and no day is ever the same.

I am the head of the finance department and I manage the finance manager directly.  There are also 3 other finance officers in the department.  I am also a member of the management group which deals with college wide issue’s and/or concerns and we meet on a monthly basis.

No day is ever the same for me.  I do have monthly reports to write and distribute but more often than not I am working on a project.  So onto a typical day in the office.

8am – Arrive at work

I’m the first one in the finance office now so the first thing I do is switch on my PC and the radio and then make a cup of tea.  Classes begin at 8am so there are always teachers and other members of staff around.  The rest of the finance team do not arrive until 9/9:30am though so I make the most of the first few hours and start work on the most difficult task of the day whilst it is quiet.  This could be analysing financial data, completing some forms or reviewing budgets.

9:30am – Emails

I don’t check my work emails until I have got some of my own work done first.  Sometimes a big piece of work will evolve from an email so I often update my to-do list at this time too.  I only file an email away once it has been actioned or replied to.  I like to be organised when it comes to my emails and I have a complex folder system so it is easy to find them again if I need to.

10:30am – Break

I like to get outside during the day otherwise I often get eye strain from using a PC and I need to stretch my legs.  My work is heavily computer based so it’s important to get away from my screen on a regular basis.  I often have a coffee at this point too and then get stuck back into my work.

12:30pm – Lunch

We have a staff room and a canteen on site but more often than not I work through my lunch break.  We have a park next to our site so in the summer or at least when the weather warms up a little I’m going to make the most of it and go for some walks.  I often eat lunch whilst working which I know is not a good idea.  As my work is project based I find it hard to stop until it’s completed (especially when doing a complex reconciliation) which is a habit I’m working on breaking!  I do though pop outside again for 10mins to get some fresh air once I’ve finished eating.

1:30pm – To do list

By the afternoon there are normally tasks that have popped up during the morning so I update my to-do list again.  Hopefully by this point I’ve been ticking some items off already!  I also check my emails again and then get back to whatever I’m working on that day.  This could be forecasting cash flows until our year-end, conducting a profitability review or profiling income and expenses.

3:30pm – Wind down

Half an hour before I’m due to finish for the day I review my work, file emails that have been actioned and review my to-do list for the next day.  I like to write a second list of tasks in order of priority for the next day too.  I find it really helps me first thing in the morning as I know what I need to be doing as soon as I get into the office.

4pm – Home time

Before leaving for the day I like to tidy my desk, put everything away in my drawers and wash my work mug up.  You just can’t beat coming into a tidy desk the next day!

A summary of my current to-do list items:

  1. Create budget models for the 2017/18 Academic Year Budget
  2. Previous year profiling updates
  3. Complete the Annual Business Survey 2016
  4. Conduct the canteen monthly review
  5. Review the Music Tour budget with the assistant principal
  6. Update and reconcile the 2017/18 cash flow

So that’s a typical work day for me.  Sometimes there are meetings I need to attend and sometimes we all go out for lunch (usually a Friday).  During the months of May/June I work on the college budget and during August (the summer holidays) it’s very quiet at work.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

6 thoughts on “Typical Work Day

  1. Dave Gardner says:

    Great Posting!

    Here’s my day:

    8:00 AM – Rise and conduct morning ritual (gratitude journal, dream journal, spiritual reading, meditation, make bed, hygiene, breakfast, productivity journal, and prep for the gym)

    10:00 AM – 11:30 AM – Flexible time, pending what I have scheduled to do

    11:30 – 1:30 (2:00) PM – Workout Gym – I give myself an extra 30 minutes buffer in case I’m motivated and want to do more than scheduled in my routine (all weight lifting)

    2:00 PM – 7 PM – Reading – Writing (or Other mandatory to-dos)

    7 PM – 8 PM Dinner with family

    8 – 11:30 PM – flex time (watch tv, go out, play games, read, whatever I want)

    11:30 PM Retire and evening ritual (gratitude journal, productivity journal, planning, hygiene, spiritual reading, meditation)


  2. Ellis says:

    I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Lunch is extra. Travel time is extra… It takes me a lot of time.
    Usually I arrive at work at 8 or 8.30, after 30 minutes on the train. I check my e-mails and reply to the most urgent ones.
    I work at my projects, which vary almost everyday. Usually I have to write something, contact people, organize events…
    I take 30 minutes lunch break (1 hour if I came earlier), then check the Facebook account of my office, look for and write news, if there are any.
    Then I continue my work ’till 5 pm, when I can run to the train station, took the train and travel my 30 minutes to my hometown. I walk home and get there around 5.50 pm.
    All in all, I’m away from home for more hours than the usual 8 and I have to say it bothers me, as I’m not able to do much for myself in my free time. I hope someday I’ll find a job nearer 🙂 or online!


    • reynoldsmade says:

      I always dream of working from home and online! How lovely that would be 🙂 It’s a shame your lunch break is extra as it seems to make your days so much longer. I admit I miss taking the train to work as it was a time to relax and read my book.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ellis says:

        I like my train travels just because I get to read a lot! But yes: I end up being out of my house at least 10.5 hours/day, if I’m quick at eating lunch 😉
        I liked that you shared how your day looks like! On the internet most of the time it seems like there aren’t “real” people behind the posts. I mean, even a lot of my acquaintances truly believe that I travel all the time, just because I post pictures of some holiday months after I’m back. It’s like they don’t imagine there’s a “real” person behind the pictures, with a normal job and so on 🙂 Travels and books are my passions, but (unfortunately) I don’t make a living out of them.


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