The Weekly


The days are getting longer and quite frankly brighter and it’s making me feel very happy right now!  I’ve gone from an autumn/winter advocate to wanting nothing more than to be too hot and blinded by the sunshine!  Who even am I!?


I’m finally getting into a flow and finding some balance in my life right now.  I’m trying to be conscious and give everything and everyone I care about the time it deserves.  Getting home from work an hour earlier each day is having such a positive effect on my energy levels and of course it means I can fit more into my evenings.  I’ve had more time for reading and relaxation too.

I’ve spent time this week getting super organised at work and finally feel on top of things.  Long may it last!

I had a really intense evening at my photography course on Monday evening this week.  We covered quite a bit of Photoshop and even had a test.  I found some of it difficult so I’m going to spend some time practising at the weekend.  As the Easter break is fast approaching I won’t have my class for the next 3 weeks as the college will be closed.  I’m planning on taking my camera out every weekend during the break and playing around with photo enhancement on the photo’s I take and just really enjoy the time I’m spending on it.


I’ve found that I don’t really have much more to write about my experiences with Minimalism.  I am still trying to live a minimalist lifestyle but as with all things I’ve slightly run out of steam with it.  I’m continuing to only purchase what we really need household wise, keep a clutter free home and be intentional with my time and money.

I still believe minimalism came along at the right time for me and I’m glad I wrote about it here on this blog.  I just don’t have much more to say about it.  There’s only so many ‘how to de-clutter’ posts someone can read or write and only so many ‘wardrobe curation’ posts too.

So I’m not sure what the future of this little blog is right now.  I really enjoy the social aspect of blogging and the diary style posts I’ve been writing so for now I think I’ll continue with those.  I definitely need to share more photographs with you all!  I’m going to continue writing about whatever takes my fancy at the time and see what this little blog turns out to be.  I hope you guys continue to read along with me 🙂

Captured: 1:// Sushi for lunch. It was absolutely delicious! I could eat it every day 2:// My garden is filling up with oh so pretty flowers 3:// Leopard print pumps seem to go with everything in my wardrobe. Including my new mac 4:// My love for BusyB Stationery continues. Save 25% until 1pm today using the code ‘FIVE’ at the checkout.

Links worth clicking:

workspace – I love seeing how others utilise their desks/work spaces and Rebecca’s is just so pretty

when-stress-silently-creeps-up-on-you – A post from Hannah Gale on not doing it all – all the time

spring-in-Richmond – Roses&Rolltops and all things blossoms and spring

top-5-tips-to-get-fit-healthy – Motivational advice from Juliette over on Luar & Wolffdene

food-for-your-eyes – Some yummy recipes from the ever lovely Bethany

Inspiring Me This Week:

Some of my favourite bloggers and their photo heavy posts.  I take so many photograph’s and I never get around to sharing them on the blog so I’m going to work on that going forward.

3 Things About Yours Truly:

  • My favourite colour is lilac and has been since I was a little girl
  • I love running a home budget
  • Si-Fi is my favourite genre of movies and books with Horror & Zombies coming in a close 2nd.

5 thoughts on “The Weekly

  1. mossandmabel says:

    Hello. I really enjoy your blog posts and really want to see more photos you take for your course. I’m also a bit bored with reading/writing about minimalism – I am trying to live a more considerate life, but don’t want to revolve my life around it. Excited for your next post 🙂


  2. Lindsay says:

    I rarely actually write about minimalism because once you’re living the lifestyle, all that really matters is how much more you can do with less. So I write about my life experiences instead. I love your blog, so even if it’s not all about minimalism all the time, I hope you keep at it. It is so refreshing to hear what others are doing to bring value to their lives, knowing that stuff is not of the ultimate importance.


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