The Month of March


Hi everyone!

For me March was the month for self-care and slowing down a little. Although I still had just as many plans as I normally do I made the most of my evenings after work with long bubble baths, regular manicures and lots of relaxing reading a book. I’ve realised that rest is just as important as getting those to-do’s done and I’m going to continue to dedicate time to myself every week going forward.

  • March is definitely birthday month for me. I had 3 family members’ birthdays, 3 work colleagues birthdays and 2 friend’s birthdays – 8 in total! Phew! Keeping those card companies in business it seems.
  • I got to spend a whole day dedicated to my niece and nephew and it was so lovely. We played all day, danced to music and I got to give them both their lunch and tea. Granted I was exhausted by the time I got home but it was worth it to spend some time bonding with them both. Yay for little people.
  • I got the 6 month review at work done in time for the big trustee meeting. It was touch and go for a while but I got there in the end and felt quite accomplished afterwards.
  • There was a lot of family time on both sides of the family – shopping trips, Sunday dinners and celebrations. I always find this time so relaxing even when chasing my nieces and nephew around all day!
  • Two of our very dear friends had a house warming party. We danced and joked into the early hours and got to catch up with a wide circle of friends. I’d like to do it all again please!
  • Me & the hubby spent some time gardening over a few weekends getting the outside ready for spring time. We are both looking forward to the longer warmer evenings and enjoying our garden again this year. The plants and bushes I put in when we first moved into the house 3 years ago have been coming back bigger and bigger each year. It really is true that a garden can take years to form properly.
  • I handed in my first assignment for my photography course and I’m really proud of it. It’s the culmination of 3 months’ worth of work and putting it all together has made me realise how much I have improved and everything I have learned. I’m so happy I took the plunge and signed myself up for this course back in January. Although doing a 3 hour class after work every Monday can be tiring I love it.
  • I had THE BEST date night with the hubby last weekend involving nice food and a cinema trip in our local area. Why it’s taken us 3 years to have a night out locally I’m not so sure! I then roped him into watching the original Disney version of Beauty & the Beast once we got home (after much protesting!). I’m sure my singing along to Be Our Guest didn’t annoy him at all…

The Month Ahead:

April will be filled with lots of photography practice and days out with the camera. I have no college course for 3 weeks so it’s important I keep taking photos. We have some time booked in with family, friends leaving do (he’s moving to Vietnam for a whole year to teach English!), the long Easter weekend, a day in London and it’s the first day of summer term at work. Eeeek summer is on the way!!!

2 thoughts on “The Month of March

  1. minimallol says:

    Hi there, your month sounded like a perfect balance, with your time given to the most important parts of your life. It’s so refreshing to read about the time-out moments instead of hearing the inevitable ‘I’m sooooo busy’ that has become prevalent everywhere else lately. A really enjoyable post, thank you 🙂


  2. Cat says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic March, culminating in a superb date night – we’ve had some visitors staying with us for a week so I think I need to drag the husband out for a date night, just the two of us, now that they’ve gone home! Here’s to an exciting April ahead 🙂 C x


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