For The Love Of Sundays

Sundays are for….


Wrapping yourself in a blanket on the sofa or if the weather is nice sat out in your garden and reading chapter after chapter of your book.  My favourite way to relax is to read my book whilst the hubby plays his guitar in the back ground.


Numerous cups of tea in your favourite cup.  I love using a cup and saucer as I’m sure it makes the tea taste even better.  It makes me feel kinda fancy too 😉


Writing in your bullet journal, diary or a new blog post.  Just writing and getting your thoughts out.  I’ve started a hand written journal again and it feels so good to write by hand again.


Putting your fairy lights on all over the house so it’s cosy and kinda magical!  We have little tea lights all over our book shelves and fairy lights in jars – I put them all on as soon as I get home most days.

What are you up to today? x

7 thoughts on “For The Love Of Sundays

  1. jessicaconstable says:

    Love this! This Sunday was spent at my mum’s so involved good homecooked food and time in the garden 🙂 It also involved getting some work done and doing a ‘big shop’ though…balance!


  2. Dave Gardner says:

    Great posting! The fairy light idea was cool! (Since I’m a guy, however, that ain’t happening :)). Anyways, got in a good meditation this morning, did my journaling, then I hit the gym for an hour and a half, then did some shopping, got in some writing, and sat on the porch with the doggy and the folks and read. I too enjoy my Sundays!!

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