Currently Tag


Listening to // The radio station X FM and Chris Moyles singing along

Wearing // Dark blue skinny jeans, Maroon patterned blouse, black pointed flats and my nans gold St Christopher

Drinking // Frothy milky coffee

Thinking about // The week ahead and all the meetings I have scheduled

Looking forward to // Getting home this evening and cuddling with the hubby

Loving // My beige mac and the swish swish noise it makes when I move

Planning // Our trip to New York in June and all the things I want to see and do! So excited!

Grateful for // Dinner with friends and talking into the early hours

Reading // A David Moody book called Hater.  Its so gripping!

Trying // To schedule in some rest at the weekend

Eating // A lot of sushi for lunch.  I’m finding it feels me up well into the evening and I’m snacking less late at night

Hating // How quickly the week’s are passing.  Just….slow….down

Discovering // What motivates me the most in life and planning on doing more of that

Feeling // Pretty excited about the plans forming for the rest of the year

Hoping for // A lottery win!?

Considering // Buying a bycicle so I can go for bike rides during the summer months

Finishing // My handcream by Molton Brown. Not sure what to try next? Any suggestions?

Starting // A new notebook for my to-do lists as my current one just ran out. Ahhh new notebooks!

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