Procrastination & why it isn’t always a bad thing


‘To defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost. To put off until another time’

I’m sure that we all procrastinate some times. Even the super productive and most disciplined of us will put something off we’re not quite ready to do just yet. I often procrastinate when getting started on a new project or doing housework … (I’m sure we all do that one!).

I used to beat myself up about not feeling motivated or if I was clearly putting something off. But I am what is called an active procrastinator. Whilst I find it difficult to get started on a new project I will find other productive things to do with my time whilst building up the motivation. I’m sure we all have our own little ways of procrastinating…oh I must just check my twitter feed quickly, que being lost in your phone for an hour when you really should be doing something else.

But I have come to realise that sometimes procrastination is a good thing. Sometimes procrastinating can lead to productivity.

1:// Sometimes you’re just not ready mentally to start that big project. Sometimes you need to lead up to it slowly and put more thought into how to tackle the task. There’s no point putting yourself through misery and forcing yourself to do something you’re not quite ready to do. Putting it off until another time gives you time to plan out what you want to achieve and how to get started in the first place.

2:// My favourite way to procrastinate is to tidy the house – especially before cleaning it. I can spend hours organising or decluttering my home and let’s face it that’s not a bad thing.

3:// I also convince myself that replying to a text/email/phone call from a friend is more pressing than getting on with a task. When I’m really putting something off I usually take the time to catch up with family or friends which isn’t a bad thing.

4:// It’s great for when you want unnecessary to-do’s to disappear. That procrastination time helps you assess where those priorities are and that time allows you to drop certain things off your list that are just not necessary.

5:// Procrastination can be formed from a lack of motivation. We’ve all been there. If this happens to you a lot just let your mind wander to the most interesting task you have that day. Not only will you then get something done you’ll begin to realise what it is that excites you most and brings you the most joy. You can take this time to figure out what really gets you motivated and do more of that going forward.

Sometimes life seems to happen at warp speed but decisions you make should not and putting things off can actually make you more productive if you do it right.

How do you like to procrastinate?

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