Wonderful Wednesday #7


Good morning and happy Wednesday 🙂 I’ve got into work super early to write this from my desk and I’m currently sipping a hot cup of milky coffee.  I’m hoping to get lots done this morning and get ahead of my day.  So without further ado on to the good stuff.

TV Programme – Taboo

I know I know where have we been right?  Its taken us all this time to finally sit and binge watch the Tom Hardy series.  We recorded them so we could watch them all in one go.  We got stuck in Sunday night and we’re loving it.  I’ve missed having a programme we can binge watch together.

Steak & Red Wine

On Saturday we had an early 5pm dinner with some friends.  I wasn’t even that hungry but as soon as the menu was in front of me I was suddenly ravenous.  I had calamari to start with a side of Mediterranean olives followed by sirloin steak.  It came with fries, onion loaf, peppercorn sauce and a lettuce wedge covered in blue cheese sauce.  We also shared a bottle of Merlot.  Sounds like heaven right? It was!

A day of rest

I had planned to have a super productive Sunday but after the week I’d had last week I realised I needed to have a full day of rest.  I slept in quite late, had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and spent the rest of the day reading, writing and watching some TV with the hubby.  It was bliss.


I decided last week that I wanted to start a handwritten journal again.  I have quite a stash of notebooks so I picked one and got stuck in.  I realise now how much I missed writing in a journal and plan to keep this new habit up.  I filled the first few pages with some long term goals, current health goals and set an intentional weekly plan which looks a little like this:

  • Monday – Photography & Blog
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Yoga & Pampering
  • Thursday – Exercise and Home
  • Friday – Marriage & Fun
  • Saturday – Photography & Blog
  • Sunday – Marriage, Home & Family/Friends

These are the things I want to concentrate on either during the day or in the evenings on each of those days.  Obviously life happens and I won’t always be able to follow this plan so I’m sure I’ll have to mix things up a little when I need to.  But it’s good to have a day associated with a certain part of my life and everything I want to fill it with.

Date Night

On Friday me and the hubby had our usual end of the week date night in.  We sat in our dining room, talked about our week, played music, had a little dancing, ordered a take away and just talked about life.  Friday nights normally look like this and they are my favourite part of the week.  I’d had a pretty rotten week at work and was very emotional about it all by then, so husband time was more than welcome!

Last Day of Spring Term

Without sounding like a broken record I’m still in shock at how quickly the first 3 months of the year have passed.  I’m always reminded of the change in seasons as I work in education and today marks the last day of spring term at work (our term dates are a little different to public schools).  This has made it onto my list of happy things as it means Easter break is on the way and so is the start of summer term!  It also means that work quietens down a little as there are no classes or teachers around.  I like to take this time to get to inbox zero, tick off my to-do lists and create all my budget models ready for May.  Roll on the summer!

The lovely Sally is the one who got me thinking about the warm and fuzzies over on Sally Tangle. There’s even more lovely folks who join in on the happiness and mid week merriment so be sure to pop over to them for more of the good stuff –  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s , Peta’s , AND Emma‘s #wonderfulwednesday posts. Don’t forget to check out the #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter too, the WW family is growing all the time!

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