The Weekly

This week has been about catching up with work, family and friendships.  At the weekend we enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends and an evening of heart to hearts.  I think we all needed it and it made me feel thankful for some of the people in our lives.

Work at my 9-5 has finally started to slow down and become a little calmer.  Now its the Easter break I can spend some time getting ahead of the new and final term of this academic year.  I’ve gone for walks in the local park during my lunch breaks and soaked up some sunshine too.  Long may the sunny warm days stay.

We have no plans for this weekend so I think we’re going to explore a local park on Saturday if the weather permits and then maybe visit family on Sunday.  This week has been a much better one than last and it reminds me that even when it feels like everything is going wrong it’s only temporary and tomorrow will be a better day 🙂

Snapshots of the Week: 1// Tryin out a nude colour on my nails by No7 2// Spent some time in the garden last weekend, it sure was a beautiful day 3// Back to journaling using my inky thinkings notebook and loving it 4// Princess Ruby


Links Worth Clicking:

You dont need more money advice you just need advice you can relate to – Money tips from Lifehacker

quietblessings – This Instagram account

Tips and tricks for taking pictures of anything – From Tech Radar – Planning on devouring this website at the weekend

yogawithadriene – This is where I plan to start my journey into Yoga as recommended by Sam from thetomshouse

Inspiring me this week:

A dear friend of mine who is packing his bags, renting his flat out and flying to Vietnam to teach English for a year. I think he’s so brave and I’m really proud of him.

3 Things about yours truly:

  • I’ve stopped dying my hair and I’m now embracing my natural mousy brown but I used to always dye it from the ages of about 12 to 28.  I’ve been a red head, dirty blonde, platinum blonde, dark brown to brown with blonde highlights.
  • My favourite food is Hawaiian pizza!  That’s ham, mushroom & pineapple 😉
  • I have tried many times but I can’t give blood.  My veins are too small and my body literally won’t give it up.  I have sat for the full allotted time allowed with the needle in my arm but they can’t even fill the bag up half way.  It’s a shame as my blood type is Rhesus Negative O and anyone can have it no matter their blood type.  But sorry my body just wants to hold on to it!

Have a lovely weekend all 🙂

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