Captured: Lessness Abbey


On Sunday the father-in-law and I got up early and headed out with the camera’s and we headed to Lessness Abbey.  We’d both been there many many years ago but we didn’t realise quite what a beautiful place it is.  There were blossom tree’s and wild flowers covering the ground.  It felt like a peaceful magical place and I was sure I would spot some fairies 😉  Okay so we didn’t spot fairies but we did spot foxes, families of squirrels and a rather noisy bunch of Parakeet’s.


We only spent about 2 hours looking around and covered about a quarter of the grounds so we’ll certainly go back again.  It was a beautiful day and the weather was hot.  Here’s a few more photo’s that I managed to capture.



Once we were ready to leave we headed back to the car and realised we’d missed some urban art work so we got the camera’s out again before leaving.


I hope you enjoyed them 🙂

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