The Weekly

Hello friends! Lately I have had a to-do list as long as my arm but thankfully I’ve managed to tick most of it off this week. The most exciting tasks being booking flights to New York for a long weekend to visit my friend (insert excited face!) in the summer, buying my mum her 70th birthday present and booking a ferry from Southampton to the Isle of Wight for a family holiday. I may now be lacking in funds in my bank account but it’s all for a good cause in my opinion!

This week also marked 6 months married to the hubster. I got to visit a dear friend and her gorgeous baby who she has named Olivia. She is the cutest cuddly little bundle. I also booked a table at one of my favourite restaurants for a girls night out of eating good food and likely some cocktails and chatter. Oh and I had a lovely day out with my father-in-law chasing fairies around a beautiful abbey at the weekend. All in a week’s work eh!

We’re now going into a 4 day weekend so if you are based in the UK I hope you have a lovely break! We have nothing planned for today so we’ll likely do some gardening and have dinner out tonight. Tomorrow we’re off to Soho in London for the evening to see off our friend who is going to work in Vietnam for a year. Bring on the dancing and time with friends.  Can’t wait!

Snapshots of the week: 1// Bluebell walks on sunny days 2// Beautiful prints, cozy cardigans and tassel necklaces are my current jam 3// Love my little family 4// Taking a stroll on my lunch break

Links worth clicking:

Minimalist Room Tour – By Melissa Leung

Minimalist Wardrobe Tour – By Renida (because who doesn’t like looking through other people’s wardrobes?!)

Minimalist Room Tour – By Alyssa Julianne

Minimalist House Tour – Japan – By TaraWhite Talks

My Minimalism Journey – Whats left in my closet – By Katrin Berndt

Inspiring me this week:

I’m feeling inspired to keep up with my to-do list and stay motivated to keep on exercising whilst still enjoying my down time. This week went really well and I’d like next week to be the same!

3 things about yours truly:

* I have really weak hands & arms and struggle to open any bottles or jars

* All my family (including my in-laws) live within a 30min drive from us. Apart from my aunty and cousins whom live in Little Venice, London.

* At secondary school (ages 11-16) my best subjects were Art and English Literature.

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