The Weekly

We had such a fun and restful Easter weekend although now it feels like such a long time ago already. We spent some time organizing and cleaning our home as well as some celebrating and rest. I also finished my current book and I’m now on the lookout for a new one. I read the Hater series by David Moody so if you like post-apocalyptic story lines this series is for you! Although I love that genre I need a little break from the doom and gloom and I need something more light hearted so I’m on the look out for a new read.

This week marks the end of the Easter holidays at my 9-5. Our term dates run a little different to public schools so we’ve still been closed to students and teaching staff. Whilst it has been lovely to embrace the quiet and calm and catch up on my work I am looking forward to the usual hustle and bustle returning next Monday!

Tonight I am off out to dinner with some lovely ladies. We’re heading out for some Cajun food and girl time which I’m really looking forward too. On Sunday I’m off to the beautiful village of Eynsford in Kent with my mum. I’m planning on taking my camera, doing a little exploring and maybe a late pub lunch to finish the day off. Yay to weekends!

Snapshots of the week: 1// Bahama Mama cocktails at our favourite Mexican restaurant 2// Reading in bed during the early morning hours brings me so much joy! 3// Fluff Monster Ruby Reynolds 4// Loved wearing this green embroidered playsuit from River Island for Saturday nights celebrations with friends.

Links worth clicking:

12-little-habits – Identifying those bad habits that make a huge difference to our lives.

better-when – Stop waiting for stress to just disappear. – Thoughts on success and why it doesn’t always feel like it. – This cartoon on happiness! – What’s gone right in the last few months, some positive world news!

Inspiring me this week:

I’ve been really inspired to keep things natural. From letting my hair do it’s natural curly thing to using raw organic coconut oil as a hair conditioner and make-up remover.

3 things about yours truly:

* I like to be super organised at work and at home

* Hearing about injuries relating to knees, fingers or toes makes me feel really queasy

* My favourite lunch is either sushi or a tuna salad

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