Wonderful Wednesday #7

Hello! Good morning and happy Wednesday 🙂 I've got into work super early to write this from my desk and I'm currently sipping a hot cup of milky coffee.  I'm hoping to get lots done this morning and get ahead of my day.  So without further ado on to the good stuff. TV Programme - Taboo I know … Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday #7

Procrastination & why it isn’t always a bad thing

‘To defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost. To put off until another time’ I’m sure that we all procrastinate some times. Even the super productive and most disciplined of us will put something off we’re not quite ready to do just yet. I often procrastinate when getting started on a new … Continue reading Procrastination & why it isn’t always a bad thing

Currently Tag

Listening to // The radio station X FM and Chris Moyles singing along Wearing // Dark blue skinny jeans, Maroon patterned blouse, black pointed flats and my nans gold St Christopher Drinking // Frothy milky coffee Thinking about // The week ahead and all the meetings I have scheduled Looking forward to // Getting home … Continue reading Currently Tag

For The Love Of Sundays

Sundays are for.... Wrapping yourself in a blanket on the sofa or if the weather is nice sat out in your garden and reading chapter after chapter of your book.  My favourite way to relax is to read my book whilst the hubby plays his guitar in the back ground. Numerous cups of tea in … Continue reading For The Love Of Sundays

The Month of March

Hi everyone! For me March was the month for self-care and slowing down a little. Although I still had just as many plans as I normally do I made the most of my evenings after work with long bubble baths, regular manicures and lots of relaxing reading a book. I’ve realised that rest is just … Continue reading The Month of March

The Weekly

The days are getting longer and quite frankly brighter and it's making me feel very happy right now!  I've gone from an autumn/winter advocate to wanting nothing more than to be too hot and blinded by the sunshine!  Who even am I!? Life: I'm finally getting into a flow and finding some balance in my … Continue reading The Weekly

Living Well: Slowing Down Time

One thing that’s really standing out right now is how routines and constantly thinking about the next thing can speed up time. It can cause us to miss those wonderful moments of joy or relaxation throughout the day. I am often finding myself surprised at how quickly a day or even a week is passing … Continue reading Living Well: Slowing Down Time

Wonderful Wednesday #6

Hi everyone! And we're back to another Wonderful Wednesday post! How lovely are the lighter evenings and longer days???  We've been tending to our little garden and getting it ready for some time spent outdoors.  We will not be defeated by patio weeds! Roll on warmer days and plenty of sunshine. So on to all … Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday #6

Typical Work Day

Hi Everyone 🙂 I always find it interesting to read a 'typical day in the life of' post relating to people's 9-5's so I thought I'd share what a typical work day is like for me.  I recently changed my working hours to 8am till 4pm and I am finding I am much more productive doing … Continue reading Typical Work Day

Introducing Lacolombette

Me & My Blog I write about my Minimalist life(style) in a Tiny House on Wheels, with my 7-year-old daughter, 8 year-old Chihuahua, and a few cherished totems and possessions. How I Discovered Minimalism Through Courtney Cox’s Blog Be More With Less How I Introduced Minimalism into My Life Culling Physical Stuff: Giving Things Away, 15 … Continue reading Introducing Lacolombette